Little Thoughts

Dragon Soap

'I want to use the dragon soap,' our youngest informed me. Now, we're all about encouraging our littlest lady to embrace hand washing after trips to the bathroom, but suggesting mythical beasts are living in the soap isn't a road we've gone down. So, despite being a bit confused, in the interests of getting out… Continue reading Dragon Soap

Little Thoughts

A Journey of Discovery

The kids are running circles around me. Not in some metaphorical parent/child angst kind of way, but in a literal I'm sitting at the table with my coffee (decaf. Why you ask? Quite frankly, I don't quite know either!) and, they are chasing each other around the table and, therefore, me! Those ideas of chilled,… Continue reading A Journey of Discovery

Botox battle
Little Thoughts

Botox Battles

Despite my ever increasing need to do something about the ever increasing range of wrinkles and other interesting additions to my face and body (spare tyres are a whole other post!) I don't imagine I'll ever bother with Botox or other similar treatment options. Not just because of its ingredient list, but rather, it's just not… Continue reading Botox Battles