Little Devotions, Little Thoughts


'I can't quite believe we're back here again.' That's how I had intended to begin this post when I started planning it towards the end of last week. I didn't quite realise then the poignancy this line would hold. I'd been thinking about rushing headlong into (yet) another election. Not considering that we'd be, so painfully,… Continue reading Choices

Little Thoughts

A Journey of Discovery

The kids are running circles around me. Not in some metaphorical parent/child angst kind of way, but in a literal I'm sitting at the table with my coffee (decaf. Why you ask? Quite frankly, I don't quite know either!) and, they are chasing each other around the table and, therefore, me! Those ideas of chilled,… Continue reading A Journey of Discovery

Little Thoughts

Prepare to Party (Imperfectly)

Fifteen to twenty years ago (FYI-still not totally convinced I should be able to remember back that far despite the almost 12 years of marriage, three children and numerous birthdays) if I'd been picking a film to watch, it was the deep, 'thinky', real-life tear jerker every time. Oh how things change! As I've got… Continue reading Prepare to Party (Imperfectly)