Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 9: It’s Not Fair

Reading: Jonah 3 verse 10 - 11 verse 4 Thought: 'It's not fair'. I wonder have you ever said it or even just thought it because, well, really felt it? I know I have and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Someone has got something you wanted and you've missed out. Or, you feel that your… Continue reading Advent Day 9: It’s Not Fair

Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 4: Is it Time Yet?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1 - 11 Thought: Do you ever feel impatient? I know I do. You've been waiting for something to happen or someone or something to arrive and it just seems that time has all but stopped. You wish you could have control over the clock and make it go at the time you… Continue reading Advent Day 4: Is it Time Yet?

Little Makes, Little Thoughts

Celebrate the Moments

As last summer drew to a close, a mere moment after it had started, I decided that the impending school year would be cherished and taken slowly, milking every last second, as I prepared myself to deal with the fact that our eldest was in her final year of primary. Yet, here we are, incredibly,… Continue reading Celebrate the Moments

Little Devotions

The Snail Trail

Working in the garden earlier this week, with my trusty littlest sidekick, we had a very exciting visitor, complete with his own mobile home and, while we attempted to name our little friend, he will forever be known, quite simply, as Snail. He may not have been very big, or moving very fast, but his… Continue reading The Snail Trail