Little Devotions

Just Wait

Just Wait I don’t wait very well #understatementofthecentury. I like it to have happened yesterday, or sooner if possible. Being patient is a struggle and while I know that I have benefitted from times of waiting, it doesn’t make the process any less difficult. During our recent un-spring-like snowy weather, I found myself looking out,… Continue reading Just Wait

Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 10: Though You Be But Little…

Reading: Micah 5 verses 1 - 5 Thought: Have you ever felt a bit insignificant? Maybe you don't feel that you're big enough or brave enough to do something that you know you have the ability for, but, well, you just don't feel that anyone will notice you. Well, if the town of Bethlehem had been able… Continue reading Advent Day 10: Though You Be But Little…

Little Devotions, Little Thoughts


'I can't quite believe we're back here again.' That's how I had intended to begin this post when I started planning it towards the end of last week. I didn't quite realise then the poignancy this line would hold. I'd been thinking about rushing headlong into (yet) another election. Not considering that we'd be, so painfully,… Continue reading Choices