Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 10: Though You Be But Little…

Reading: Micah 5 verses 1 - 5 Thought: Have you ever felt a bit insignificant? Maybe you don't feel that you're big enough or brave enough to do something that you know you have the ability for, but, well, you just don't feel that anyone will notice you. Well, if the town of Bethlehem had been able… Continue reading Advent Day 10: Though You Be But Little…

Little Devotions

The Snail Trail

Working in the garden earlier this week, with my trusty littlest sidekick, we had a very exciting visitor, complete with his own mobile home and, while we attempted to name our little friend, he will forever be known, quite simply, as Snail. He may not have been very big, or moving very fast, but his… Continue reading The Snail Trail

Little Devotions

I Lost my Keys

I lost my keys for work. I was sure that they were in my bag. There wasn't anywhere else I would have expected them to be. But when I looked, desperately trying to find them, I couldn't. So, I borrowed another set for the day and made my way to my room where I proceeded… Continue reading I Lost my Keys