Little Ideas, Little Makes

A Crafty Escape

If the snow has had you cooped up and cabin fever is setting in, then I might just have a wee escape plan for you. I can't promise shovels or car starting miracles (it's a bit of an issue here 😳) but, if breaking out the craft box is the type of thing that gives… Continue reading A Crafty Escape

Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 4: Is it Time Yet?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1 - 11 Thought: Do you ever feel impatient? I know I do. You've been waiting for something to happen or someone or something to arrive and it just seems that time has all but stopped. You wish you could have control over the clock and make it go at the time you… Continue reading Advent Day 4: Is it Time Yet?

Little Ideas, Little Makes

Handmade and From the Heart

So, Mother's Day is hurtling towards us and if you haven't already got something for the signifcant woman/ women in your life; if you'd like to make something special for a friend; if you know the kids would love to do something crafty or, if  you just fancy making yourself a wee treat, then look… Continue reading Handmade and From the Heart