Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 8: All Wrapped Up

Reading:  Isaiah 53 verses 1 - 6 Thought: If I've got plenty time and all the bits and pieces I need, I love wrapping presents and packaging them up in an interesting way. I remember sometimes thinking of lots of creative and unusual ways to wrap and decorate presents and make them look lovely. No matter how… Continue reading Advent Day 8: All Wrapped Up

Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 7: More than Meets the Eye

Reading: Isaiah 9 verses 6 - 7 Thought: We've been blessed this year to have new babies join our family and it's been lots of fun getting to meet them, smile st them, try to make them smile, cuddle them and watch how they grow and delight in the simple things of life! These little people,… Continue reading Advent Day 7: More than Meets the Eye

Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 6: Lights out!

Reading:  Isaiah 9 verses 2 - 3 Thought: I have a lot of memories from Primary school but, I think that some of the ones that I recall as moments of most excitement involved power cuts and the ultimate pot of gold at the end of the power cut rainbow: having to be sent home! If… Continue reading Advent Day 6: Lights out!

Little Thoughts

Who Am I Really?

'When are we getting our tree up?' I've heard this anguished plea innumerable times over the past couple of weeks and the general response has been, 'Soon.' Usually, the beginning of December heralds the arrival (or rather, movement from attic to living space) of our decorations and it's a process I really enjoy. This year… Continue reading Who Am I Really?