Little Thoughts

The Shame of Fish Fingers

Sad, but true, as well as Little Green Tree work today, I will work my way through a list of jobs that will include glamorous and delightful tasks like washing, ironing, bed changing, hoovering... You get the idea! I find that a sense of organisation helps me to feel better - tidy mind an' all… Continue reading The Shame of Fish Fingers

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Party for One?

Ever been to a pity party? No invite needed, no company required, no dress code to worry about. You just turn up and, you feel down right sorry for yourself. The kind that calls for a rendition of 'Havin' a me party' from 'The Muppets'. All it takes is something to push the right button… Continue reading Party for One?

Little Thoughts

If I had 5 Minutes With the new MLAs

So, on Thursday, those of us who are eligible to vote in Northern Ireland, had the chance to have our say and, now that the votes have been counted and verified and the political commentators have, bleary-eyed, got to go back home, Northern Ireland politicians prepare for battle once more. I wonder what would happen… Continue reading If I had 5 Minutes With the new MLAs