Little Thoughts

Who I’m Meant to Be

I haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet - something I hope to put right very soon! But I have heard some of the music and I've been caught up in the music of 'This is Me' - a powerful message delivered in a spine-tingling way. And, while I don't know the storyline, I'm guessing that… Continue reading Who I’m Meant to Be

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Who Needs Mistletoe?

When it comes to a wedding, there are few things more unique than a day that reflects a new start for two totally different people and yet, while the internet affords us so many opportunities for fresh ideas, the fact that wherever we are in the world we all have access to a lot of… Continue reading Who Needs Mistletoe?

Little Thoughts

Who Am I Really?

'When are we getting our tree up?' I've heard this anguished plea innumerable times over the past couple of weeks and the general response has been, 'Soon.' Usually, the beginning of December heralds the arrival (or rather, movement from attic to living space) of our decorations and it's a process I really enjoy. This year… Continue reading Who Am I Really?

Little Thoughts

‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’?

'Too blessed to be stressed': I've seen it on coasters, on pretty little pictures, it's probably even on tea towels and mugs if you happen to be looking for it. But, and I realise I am probably being a bit controversial here, can I just say this wee quote has pretty much the same effect… Continue reading ‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’?