About Us

Hi! I’m Wilma. I’m a wife, mummy to three wonderful girls and much happier behind the camera than in front of it!

Our faith is at the centre of our lives as we make our way through this world. Thankful for daily sufficient grace and merices that are new every morning, as we try to do our best for our wee family.

Music, ‘making’ and  valuing the precious moments in the midst of the ordinary are what make us tick, in the madness and chaos of everyday family life.

Little Green Tree is all about creating unique, handmade pictures, bookmarks and stationery, which are available by contacting us through Email, Facebook or Instagram, as well as recording thoughts, documenting life and storing up memories in this wee blog.

How It all Began
So… what do you get if you cross a husband/daddy and wife/mummy, with three little people, a shared love of music and reading, a constant prayer that we will be able to do the best that we can for our children and each other despite our many human flaws, hopes of creating a dream back garden, an ironing pile that the neighbours add to daily (in fairness, I’ve never actually caught them, but it can’t all be ours, can it??!) and a little business that is waaaaay more fun than said ironing pile? Answer: you’ve got us! Welcome to the journey we’re just about to make!

Little Green Tree bloomed in the summer of 2012 and has blossomed in a number of ways since. Initially, our main focus was handmade cards and, while we still create these, the business now incorporates Personalised Pictures and Family Trees as well. We’ve also been known to dabble in bookmarks, wedding stationery and even some work for Santa on the side – you never know who might need your help!!

The idea for recording thoughts online came about around Christmas 2014, when we embarked on an Advent Adventure with our wonderful little Advent elf, Todd! Each day of advent, we had a thought that we considered and an activity to complete. As a record of this, I shared what we’d been up to on Facebook and I really enjoyed the writing aspect. Maybe it’s a bit of an outlet for my long-held desire to write a book (also known as a pipe dream), or the chance to comment on something silently, without the risk of a barrage of questions (anyone who has contact with little people, please tell me you understand?!)

I do not claim to be an expert in anything – that I most certianly am not – but I do love the opportunity to write and record wee thoughts and keep them altogether here, as a kind of online scrap book in some ways, I suppose.

For me,  this blog is a wee reflection of us, our lives and my ramblings, as we enjoy the gift of everyday and seek to enjoy all the little things.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wilma x



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