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🐷 A Pig of a Day 🐷

A pig of a day.

I’d say that was pretty accurate description of Monday 2nd April, when any Easter bonnet brave enough to venture outdoors was guaranteed to be saturated or blown into a puddle. But there were other pigs to be considered for me on Monday.

When one half of Dirt Two Diamonds and her soon to be other half needed wedding invitations and reception dressing, the theme was a no-brainer: pigs; the little creatures the groom’s work revolves around. After some discussion, the fact that the wedding itself was going to be in beautiful Jamaica (sunshine, blue skies, no need for thermals in April- imagine!!) and with a relaxed vibe being at the core of it all, quite a fun, bright design started to come together.

A wedding invitation that opened was decided on – but with a bit of a twist. The invite was ‘kept closed’ with a little sleeve in an ivory that matched the card, stamped with a green ivy wreath and the couple’s initials. The front also revealed the theme, with two little pig shapes which had been punched out, to show a little colour behind, as well as a sneak peek of the same multicoloured heart pattern which was on the inner layer of the card, in a strip. To soften the look, the corners of the card were rounded off with a magic corner rounding punch, though no actual wands were needed. The wording of the invitation was at the very centre of the invitation, tucked away in the middle.

When it came to the tables at the reception, a name place that was more like a label had been decided on and while this was kept simple, the design was used for the table plan as well, which was simply displayed on stacked crates, for a more rustic look.


For the table centrepieces, laid back simplicity was the key. I was very keen on having glass boxes holding piglets painted with table numbers and wearing floral crowns, but apparently this would have been a bit of an issue – can’t think why. 😉

So, with the livestock plans shelved, it was time for plan b. A number of months ago I’d spotted metal hoops and an idea immediately came to mind. Mirroring the ivy wreath that had been stamped on the sleeve of the invitation, I was able to order fabric ivy which was then wrapped around the metal hoops and pigs with the table numbers on them were tied into the hoops. Linking in to the more relaxed, rustic idea, the hoops were set into logs which had had a ‘slice’ cut into them to support the hoops.


One of the logs was also used to display another oversized label with instructions for the guests to sign a wee remind of the day for the bride and groom. Rather than a standard guest book, a picture was created, with a cut out pig at the centre, (bet you didn’t see that coming!) backed by the multicoloured hearts from the invitation and, when the surround had been signed, the picture was framed and ready to be displayed as a unique keepsake. To add the farm feel to the ‘signing’ table, welly boots were used to display flowers – sure what else would you use them for?

For the younger guests, there were little bags with a couple of chocolate eggs (well, it was Easter after all), a little wedding colouring kit the bride had added, a piece of card and some Easter shapes to create a wee picture, a stick of glue and, the bits and instructions to create an egg pig: polystyrene egg for the body , pink tissue to be glued on for skin, four craft matchsticks for legs, two googly eyes and a couple of feathers for a less than conventional piggy tail! As a nod to the wedding venue, a Jamaican flag was put in each bag too, as well as appearing in the room for the reception.



The piggy theme may be about as unconventional for a wedding as feathers for a pig’s tail, but it was certainly a lot of fun and we wish the new Mr & Mrs every happiness in their new life together, whatever the weather!


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