Little Ideas, Little Makes

A Crafty Escape

If the snow has had you cooped up and cabin fever is setting in, then I might just have a wee escape plan for you. I can’t promise shovels or car starting miracles (it’s a bit of an issue here 😳) but, if breaking out the craft box is the type of thing that gives you a wee moment or two of escape, or is enough to distract the kids (pleas for a baby brother are in need of some redirection here 🙊) then here’s another wee card idea to try.

If you missed it last week, our wee step – by – step card idea for Mother’s Day, or any occasion really, is over here.

What you need to create our floral wreath card …

– card

– envelope

– flower, butterfly and craft punches or templates

– coloured card/ scrapbook paper

– buttons / sequins/ alternative

– circle of card

– double sided sticky squares

– glue

– scissors

What to do …

1. Cut a ring of card to work as the base for your flower wreath.
2. Fix sticky squares to one side of the cardboard ring. (We opted to double ours up to give it a little extra height).


3. Using the coloured, patterned card or scrapbook paper, cut a variety of shapes. We used a mix of craft punches and templates, but if you’re really creative, you could draw your own designs and then cut them out.

4. Arrange the little shapes around the ring if card and, when you’ve got a design you’re happy with, stick them on with glue.

5. We used wee buttons as a finishing touch, but if you didn’t have buttons or sequins, you could use little coloured circles instead.

6. Choose a message and write or print it into the space in the centre of the wreath. (We’re having some rather unfortunate issues with our printer and it’s printheads at the minute, so it wasn’t free hand for us!)


7. Attach you wreath into the card, with you message visible in the middle.


8. As a wee finishing touch, we out a couple of overlapped flower shapes and a wee button in the bottom right hand corner, just as a wee last minute addition.

And the card is all ready to give away or, of course, you could create it on a single sheet of card and use it as a wee piece of art.


Happy making 😊


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