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The Personal Touch

When The Paper Box got in touch recently to see if we’d like to create a card for Mother’s Day, we decided to come up with something that, with a little help, kids could get involved with. Most things needed can be bought from craft shops or online and what a lovely thought for kids to play a part in a little gesture to show their love and appreciation.

While the idea has been created for Mother’s Day, it could easily be adapted with a different cut out shape, colour or message, to suit anyone for any occasion.

So, if the personal touch is something you like and you fancy getting in tune with your inner crafty side, check out the wee idea below to create your unique card in just 10 simple steps!

You will need:

– 1 sheet A4 card

– envelope

– 1 small clear plastic bag (or similar)

– confetti / sequins

– ink and letter stamps (OR, simply print a message every to stick on or write directly onto the card)

– shape template

– sellotape

– glue

– patterned paper/ scrapbook paper (optional)

– craft knife


What to do…

1) Fold the A4 card into 3 equal sections, as shown in the picture below.


2) Draw around chosen template on the middle fold of the card.


3) Carefully, cut the shape using a craft knife.IMG_1464

4) Edge the rim of the shape with coloured ink – though a crayon or felt tip would also add a touch of colour.


5) Cut open the little plastic bag and stick to the back of the cut out shape.


6) Place chosen sequins etc onto the plastic inside the space of the shape.

7) Stick the other half of the plastic over the sequins/confetti, being careful not to get any stuck in the glue!! (Wish I’d thought of this!!) Add a little sellotape around the bag to hold it in place.

8) This is optional, but adds a nice wee touch: attach a piece of patterned/ scrapbook paper onto the fold of card directly behind the shape and sequins.


9) Glue down the outer fold of car to the left of the sequinned shape, so that all the little details of how it was put together are neatly hidden away.


10) Finally, stamp, write or print out and stick on a chosen message.


And all you need to do now is write the card and put it in an envelope, ready to give to that special someone who is sure to be thrilled with the personal touch!



And, if you feel like trying some other ideas, why not try out some of the ideas below? With card, templates, sticky squares and a few little decorative touches, it’s amazing what you can pull together! Happy making 😊


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