Little Ideas, Little Makes, Little Thoughts

Who Needs Mistletoe?

When it comes to a wedding, there are few things more unique than a day that reflects a new start for two totally different people and yet, while the internet affords us so many opportunities for fresh ideas, the fact that wherever we are in the world we all have access to a lot of the same information can lead to a very unintentional repetitiveness, especially where current trends are concerned. So, how do you take the ideas that you like but that the whole world has access to and yet, have something that is completely unique to you and your day? Answer: you make it yourself! Armed with the ideas of a bride who had a very clear vision of what she wanted and lots of useful feedback, a design was decided on, tweaked and finalised. The making process was ready to begin!

I have sourced materials from a wide range of outlets over the years and I have found The Paper Box to be a fabulous resource for many items that you need for creating invitations or indeed handmade cards, for weddings or otherwise. When it came to creating this Christmas-themed wedding stationery, the ivory matte card and gold non-shed glitter card were essential for creating the overall look we were hoping to achieve.

There might not have been any mistletoe in sight, but love was definitely in the air when it came to creating some special Christmassy wedding stationery. With the idea of Christmas baubles and a focus on Christmas music at the heart of the design, the idea began to take shape. Templates were created and cut for two of the baubles and their little hangers, which also needed little holes punched … cue fabulous mini hole punch! Actual sheet music for a Christmas carol was copied into some of the ivory card at a print size where it could be seen, and while some was cut to fit one of the baubles, some became hangers. Gold non-shed glitter card was also cut to size and musical hangers were co-ordinated with the gold baubles, while gold hangers were co-ordinated with musical baubles. The gold and music combination baubles were also used on the orders of service for the wedding ceremony.

The main feature of the postcard style evening invites, and a link to the day invites, was a wreath style bauble made up of individually punched hearts, also from the gold sparkle and music card. These were carefully positions Ned so that they overlapped a little as they were stuck onto a simple card ring to support the pieces. Each bauble had a piece of very thin natural twine attached and the baubles were fixed to the card using double sided sticky squares. To complete the look, the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding were printed, cut and attached to the front of the day invites and their names and ‘Order of Service’ on the details for the wedding ceremony itself, again, using double sided sticky squares. All cards were trimmed with ink – a rich copper shade toned in well with the gold card and was a look that was effective and completed the overall design.

Now, there’s no doubt that a lot of time is required to create a design like this, but there I see also no doubt that while the DIY option might require a lot of work, you’ll know that it’s a design that is completely yours, just like the day itself.


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