Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 14: Decisions, decisions!

Reading:  Matthew 1 verses 18 – 25

Thought: I wonder if you’ve ever had a dilemma: a difficult choice you had to make. Maybe it was deciding between two places you could visit. Maybe it was working out which dessert you wanted (when one of everything isn’t an option!) Or maybe it was a much bigger decision than that.

As we grow up, we have many choices to make and these are not always easy. The path you want to take in life; the house you want to buy; the course you want to study; the job you want to get… the list goes on! Making these big decisions can be very unnerving and it’s not always a straightforward process to decide, either.

In our reading today, Joseph had a massive decision to make: should he stay with Mary or end his relationship with her? When the reading begins, we can see that he was preparing to end their relationship but then, the visit from the angel changed everything.  God sent the angel to Joseph to speak to him and to make God’s will known to him. He could have ignored the angel and just walked away, but he didn’t, and what a blessing being Jesus’ early father was, one he would have missed, had he ignored the message from God.

When we face dilemmas, I can’t guarantee an angel or a thunderbolt with instructions attached, but I do know that when we seek God’s will, He will guide us and direct us. He may do this through His word, through preachers, godly friends, things we read – to name but a few. If the God of the universe chooses to communicate, no method is beyond His control. Remember, as our carol of the day says: ‘When the Father’s wisdom wanted to communicate His love, He spoke it in one final perfect word…’

And when Joseph chose to follow God’s plan, remember that Joseph wasn’t left alone; God was with Him, just as He is with us: ‘Emmanuel’ – God with us!’ Such a reassuring promise for us all. If we follow God’s will and His plan, it doesn’t mean we will only have easy choices to make, but it does remind us that God will be with us and, even out of the most unexpected and unusual circumstances, we can know His blessing.

Carol of the Day: ‘The Final Word’ Michael Card

Advent Activity: Write or type out and decorate a favourite verse – a reminder that God still communicates with us.

Materials Needed:  Paper/ card and computer or pens/ pencils – or anything else you choose to decorate with!


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