Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 13: What Did You Say?

Reading: Luke 1 verses 26 – 38

Thought: I don’t know how you react if you’re startled or surprised. My most likely response is to jump and, quite possibly scream! Lots of things can startle us and we all react in different ways, but I wonder how Mary felt the day the angel came to visit her.

What would it be like to see this shining figure in an unexoect d place and then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, he gives you a message that will change your life and, indeed the world!

I wonder how Mary felt as the angel explained his message to her and told her about the baby, the very special baby, who would be born as her son. If I’m ever asked to do something that makes me a bit nervous or frightened, then I’m always glad to have someone to encourage and help me, whatever form that help may take. The angel gave Mary an incredible message to, to remind her that she wasn’t alone in all that was happening.

When Mary questioned how all this could happen, the angel told her: ‘Nothing is impossible with God.’ While this reminded Mary that God was in control and using her to do something amazing, by His power and His alone, I believe that this would have been a real encouragement for her.

During times when I imagine she might have felt worried or unsure about the future, I am sure that those words offered her immense hope. And that message of hope and encouragement is no different for us: ‘Nothing isn’t impossible with God!’ If you trust God to lead you and allow Him to use you, then He will be with you. Friends and family can encourage and support us, but it is only God who can promise to make the impossible, possible. Whatever God has called you to do, He will give you the ability to do it!

These words of encouragement would have been so important for Mary and, just as they are important to us as well, so they remind us of the importance of encouraging others. None of us can know exactly what another person needs to hear at a particular moment, but you van be sure that a word of encouragement and kindness will never go amiss!

Carol of the Day: Mary’s Boy Child

Advent Activity: Write Christmas cards

Materials Needed: Cards, pen/pencils


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