Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 10: Though You Be But Little…

Reading: Micah 5 verses 1 – 5

Thought: Have you ever felt a bit insignificant? Maybe you don’t feel that you’re big enough or brave enough to do something that you know you have the ability for, but, well, you just don’t feel that anyone will notice you. Well, if the town of Bethlehem had been able to speak, I reckon it might have said something similar. ‘But I’m only little. There’s nothing significant about me. No-one has ever noticed me before. What could I do? It’s not as though anyone would have any reason to have any interest in me.’ Oh how wrong that little town would have been … if it could have talked!

To the human eye, Bethlehem was just another little town but, because of how God used it, we all know it so well now.  You see, God had a special purpose for Bethlehem, the place where His perfect Son would be born on earth! If Bethlehem had been able to talk that first Christmas I think it might just have managed a ‘Wow! You picked me?’

We look at life through human eyes and that means we see things we the limitations of human expectations but, we forget that God is the One for whom ‘all things are possible.’ God had a plan for Bethlehem and, though it was little, He used it for a purpose that was beyond human belief.

Too easily, we can look at situations or circumstances or, even ourselves, through eyes that see limits and human frailties and failings. But God doesn’t see things that way. When God has a purpose and a plan, what seems impossible to us can be made possible by Him, if we trust Him and allow Him to use us.

Don’t be put off by limitations that others put on you. Don’t let your age, seeming insignificance or smallness make you believe you can’t. If God has put something on your heart, then what you need to do is to trust His purpose and plan and act, with a willing heart, trusting God to do what you never thought possible. Let His ‘everlasting light’ guide you and show you the path to follow and , prepare for Him to use you for something wonderful. He did it with Bethlehem, why not you?

Carol of the Day: O Little Town ( we love the Chris Tomlin version)

Advent Activity: Fingerprint Pictures

Materials Needed: Paint, Paper/ Card, Pens.  We used our fingerprints dipped in paint to make little prints on card and then, once they had dried, we used pens to turn them into a variety of little images. They started as seemingly small and insignificant but, we were able to make each of them unique and special  – all it took was a plan to change the prints into something a little different, a determination to follow through with the plan and, of course, a little help along the way!


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