Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 7: More than Meets the Eye

Reading: Isaiah 9 verses 6 – 7

Thought: We’ve been blessed this year to have new babies join our family and it’s been lots of fun getting to meet them, smile st them, try to make them smile, cuddle them and watch how they grow and delight in the simple things of life! These little people, just like our own children, have many different ‘roles’ to play: sons or daughters; grandsons/granddaughters; nephews/ nieces; siblings, cousins … I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea!

When Jesus was born, He was a much loved Son but, He was so much more. Isaiah 9 remind us that Jesus would be Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. He wouldn’t just be worthy of being described as ‘wonderful’, it would be His name, because everything about Him is beyond any wonder we could imagine. He would be Counsellor – wise and exceptional, One whose advice should be taken. In addition, He would be Mighty God, God Himself – supreme above all others. As the Everlasting Father, we are reminded of the fact that He loves us all as His children and that He is eternal – He was before all time and He is timeless and, if we trust Him, we can share trinity with Him. Finally, He would be Prince of Peace. Not only is He powerful, but He is just and He offers peace. The peace He offers is not a peace this world can give – it is a perfect peace that is beyond anything we can understand.

The names of Jesus are a reminder of the gifts of Christmas – the gifts that weren’t just for the first Christmas, but gifts that are offered all year round. As we think of the gifts Jesus offers us in the person of Himself, we think of how we give gifts now because of the gift God sent us in Bethlehem – a gift that won’t be found in any shop, but One that offers an eternal guarantee.

Carol of the Day: Jesus Your Name

Advent Activity: Name Tree

Materials Needed: Strips of card, each with the names of Jesus from Isaiah’s prophecy written on them, built up gradually and stuck onto a stick (stem) of card.


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