Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent Day 6: Lights out!

Reading:  Isaiah 9 verses 2 – 3

Thought: I have a lot of memories from Primary school but, I think that some of the ones that I recall as moments of most excitement involved power cuts and the ultimate pot of gold at the end of the power cut rainbow: having to be sent home! If there wasn’t enough heat or light by a certain time, then the magical phone calls were made and an unexpected mini break was started!

Since then, someone decided to spoil the fun of children and teachers everywhere by putting important cables underground, but for those of us who’ve ever got sent home early and unexpectedly, I’m sure you understand why this is such a happy memory!

One of the other things I remember about the days when there was a possibility of being sent home, was that time between being told that home was a possibility and actually getting out the door. Just one thing stood between us and our early release: the power staying off! One clever team of electricians was enough to spoil our fun but, there were those who had a back up plan and it was simple: turn off all the light switches! I’d like to say it was a flawless plan, but you’ve probably already realised that it wasn’t! As much as I’m sure those teachers wished turning off all the switches would be enough to send us home regardless of whether the power came on or not, they knew that, whether they or we liked or wanted it, we had to stay if the power came back.

In Isaiah 9, we are reminded that the people needed a light to chase away the darkness, the Light of the world! The people needed the gift of a Saviour, One whose presence would change their lives if they put their trust in Him. Herod wanted Jesus to be killed as a baby, but He wasn’t. Why? Because God had a plan for Jesus that no jealous king on earth could change.

Much like the feeble attempts to convince the teachers that the power wasn’t really on and that we didn’t have enough heat or light to stay in school and work didn’t actually stop the power coming back on, and so, nothing could stop God’s plan to send His Son, the Light of the World, to the stable in Bethlehem, so that He would live as a Light to the world, shining into the darkness.

God is still with us and He wants us to remember that no matter what happens in the world, none of His plans can be changed. Sometimes this world can seem a scary place but, remember that into the darkness of fear, Jesus sent His Son to be the Light of the world and to chase away the darkness with His gift of love, given for us all.

Carol of the Day: Glorious Light

Advent Activity: Jam jar tea light holders

Materials Needed: Glass jars, tissue paper or napkins torn up. Glue: we used a mix of pva and water. Optional: labels to put a little message on – perhaps a verse from Isaiah, or, even to put a message on to give as a gift. Tea lights: I love the battery ones and it means the little ones can light them!


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