Little Thoughts

Time for a Change

They say that a change is as good as a rest and, after taking a bit of a rest from the blog, I decided that maybe a change was what I needed. So does that basically mean I’ve been having a bit of a vacation?! Who knows!

Well, the result of resting and changing is the new-look site that’s here today! While I love a break from the routines of running places and being somewhere for a certain time, I do love to feel that things around me, where possible, are ordered and organised and this helps me to stay on top of tasks better. Hopefully, the blog now reflects that a little more than it did in its prior format.

When I began to blog a couple of years ago, I was so eager to get started, I probably didn’t put a great deal of thought into how it should be structured or organised. Since then, though, I’ve realised that sometimes it’s beneficial to wait a while and work things out, before jumping in with both feet… I wish I always remembered this, because when I do, I know that I feel the benefits of it.

So, how are things different? Well, each wee post now has its own wee category and entries into each can now be found much more easily. Sometimes, I like to ramble (let’s be honest about this) about things generally or just record some of my thoughts. Other entries are more of a Devotional type format – what is it they say about a place for everything and everything in its place? In the past, we have shared our little Advent thoughts and even some Easter ones so, there’s a wee place for some of these too, in, you guessed it, their own little category as well! I love using Instagram and often, some of my shorter ramblings will appear there, along with the obligatory photographs, but I feel that it is a wonderful extension of the blog itself.

In the spring and early summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to work with a parenting website, aimed at keeping people informed about great days out and places to visit. This really opened my eyes to some of the treasures right on our doorstep and so, while the entires to this will, I suspect, but the least frequent, they will be there too.

Creating things is part and parcel of what we do at Little Green Tree but, in addition to the business, creating for fun, or even the occasional gift, is something we enjoy. The results are far from perfect but, we do hope to share some of the wee things we try out – some to greater success than others – but let’s face it, it’s real life we’re dealing with here after all!

Lastly, I love to bake/ make (just take the ‘and then eat it’ as a given!) sweet treats, so, some of our efforts and recipes will make a wee appearance too. I’d love to be able to take credit for some of our favourite recipes, but there are certain things we really do need to look to the experts for guidance!

If you choose to read any further, or make a wee return visit at an point, please be very aware of two things: Firstly, I am pretty sure that I am being very optimistic here – my aim is to post more frequently, but I know that amongst Little Green Tree orders, working part-time, teaching piano and life in general, I will probably need to be realistic about what I get done, but hey, where would the high jumper be if they didn’t aim for the highest point that they could? (quite possibly on the ground with me!) There are a lot of other little ideas that I would like to add to build the blog but, again, life has to be lived to be enjoyed and so, let’s see how things go!

Secondly, finally, and perhaps most importantly: I do not write as an expert in anything. I write to record, for my own enjoyment, as a way, I suppose, of living out a dream/ ambition I’ve had since I was little, to be a writer. I do not presume to be the most informed or best qualified in regard to anything you will find here, it’s simply a little outlet that I enjoy and, if you happen to stop by from time to time, you are very welcome.

So, with the changes introduced, I will leave you to have a nosy (only if you want to, of course) and, thanks for taking the time to have a wee read. In some small way, the little girl with a dream to have her name in print is glad that you did (and her grown-up self may well be too! 😉)




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