Little Devotions

I Lost my Keys

I lost my keys for work. I was sure that they were in my bag. There wasn’t anywhere else I would have expected them to be. But when I looked, desperately trying to find them, I couldn’t. So, I borrowed another set for the day and made my way to my room where I proceeded to unpack my bag. And? You’ve guessed it, I found my keys! They’d been in the bag all along!

It’s incredible how, when we start to fluster and panic, it can stop us seeing what is actually there in front of us. We start to worry and before we know it, the ‘lost’ keys have been dropped down a drain, right into the centre of the universe ( in our imagination at least!) never to be seen again. When, in reality, nothing has changed. The keys were where they had been the whole time, even when I thought they were lost. The difference in me when I found them? I wasn’t worried and panicked and distracted.

Worrying blinded me to what was right there all along and, that’s just like life.  We can worry and panic and as a result, we don’t see things clearly – we miss out because we’re so busy panicking.

But, God doesn’t want us to miss out on life. He wants us to ‘have life and enjoy it to the full’ ( John 10 v 10 ). He wants us to enjoy the life that He has given us. He made us to delight in and enjoy Him and His plan for us. So, He tells us: ‘Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness’ and if we do, He will provide for us in all they ways that we need.

Jesus was reminding the people that they weren’t to get worried or fearful. Instead, they were ot be like the flowers and the birds, depending totally and completely on God’s provision. And … think of how beautiful they are – trusting only in their Creator. We should learn from this. Rather than panicking and losing sight of what is right there to be enjoyed, we should trust in God to provide for us.

Hebrews 13 reminds us of the promises: ‘Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you’ and so, we say with confidence: ‘The Lord is my helper, I will not be afriad.’ As we look to God, the One who promises never to leave us, the One who is our helper, wehave nothing to fear – we can turn to Him and if we do, He will help us to find all that we need to.

It was as I carefully lifted things out of the bag, not even really thinking about the keys anymore, that the bits and pieces that were in it became easier to see. Shining a light also helps us to see things more clearly too. And remember Psalm 119 verse 105? ‘Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.’

As we look in God’s word and listen to Him as He speaks to us through ministers, teachers, circumstances, and a whole host of other ways that He reaches out to us, we know that He will lead and guide us, when we put Him first.

So, when you’re tempted to panic or worry or fluster, remember God’s word and His promises – put Him first and He will be with us, leading, guiding, protecting and showing us the way. If we seek Him and His will, we know for sure that we will find Him and we won’t need to feel lost anymore!




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