Little Bakes & Bites

Baking Therapy

img_8772Baking is therapy. Trust me, it’s a thing.

Ok, so it’s my thing, but I do love the process of taking lots of parts which don’t necessarily mean much on their own yet, when combined with others, become something truly wonderful!

After a bit of a ‘one of those days’ day recently, I decided a therapy session was needed and so, I broke open the baking cupboard, delved into a recipe book and pulled out a bit of a favourite around here.

Well, I say baking. In actual fact, no actual baking was done but, you get what I mean. Not only is the process enjoyable (though, FYI 2 year olds are the ultimate in stealth when marshmallows are in sight – you have been warned!), but you have a delicious treat at the end of it all and it sure cheered up a lunch box or two in our house this week!

So, without further ado, here’s our recipe for Rocky Roads…. Enjoy!


– 1 large packet digestive biscuits

– 4oz unsalted butter

– 6oz chocolate

– 1 large tin condensed milk

– 1 packet marshmallows – chopped

– 1 large packet Malteasers

– 1 tube Smarties

– Chocolate to decorate (2 bars suggested)

(Please note  – these ingredients can be adpated to suit your taste! We’ve tried Crunchie and even Mini Eggs  – whatever you fancy! We have a marshmallow hater in our house, so I always add them in after the mixture is in the tray so that I can have be sure I’ll have some without any!)


  1.  Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over boiling water
  2. Add condesned milk
  3. Crush biscuits and add to melted mixture
  4. Add marshmallows, Malteasers, Smarties and whatever else you fancy!
  5. Press into a greased tin
  6. Melt chocolate and pour over the tray bakes
  7. Allow to set and cut
  8. Enjoy!

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