Little Ideas, Little Makes

Handmade and From the Heart

So, Mother’s Day is hurtling towards us and if you haven’t already got something for the signifcant woman/ women in your life; if you’d like to make something special for a friend; if you know the kids would love to do something crafty or, if  you just fancy making yourself a wee treat, then look no further! I believe that in our busy and often complicated and confusing world, we can often overlook little simple gestures which can mean so much to those  we love and care about. So, why not have a look at some of our ideas here and use even one of them to remind someone close to your heart – mum or not – that they are just who you need them to be!

Below you will find ten wee projects that can easily be made at home, either with bits and pieces you already have in the house or, things that can be got quite easily.

You can see from the images below, our examples are all far from perfect, but they were a lot of fun to create, the kids had a ball when they helped me out and there’s nothing as satisfying as looking at something pretty and knowing that you or someone very dear to you made it!

The ‘things you need list’ should help you to get together all the parts for each wee project and the wee instructions will tell you what you need to do. So, without further ado, here are a few wee projects to help you unleash your inner Blue Peter presenter ( And you don’t even have to try interviewing someone while bouncing on a trampoline to make them!!)

  1. Wee Buns! 

Things you need:

– Ingredients for buns

– Bun cases

– Ready roll icing ( mix of colours are food colouring)

– Cutters

– Buttercream

– Cake decorations

– About an hour to clean up afterwards!!!

Whether you’re of the ‘buns’ era, or the ‘cupcake’ trend, these are a simple but lovely way to show someone you care – and to make your kitchen smell awesome at the same time!

I use a recipe from a Rachel Allen book, but you can use any that you fancy! Then, once the buns were cooled and, in our case, when we next had a bit of spare time, icing, cutters and a little taste of buttercream to use to hold the icing down gave the ladies all they needed to be creative! With a limited amount of time we didn’t have a wide variety of designs, but the girls had a ball.

To present these, you can get some lovely little patterned boxes for individual cupcakes, or for a few or, if you can’t get hold of one of those, a local bakery is bound to have the standard white cardboard cake boxes which could be tied with pretty string or ribbon to finish it off!

2.  Memo Peg Magnets

Things you need:

– Basic wooden pegs

– Glue (PVA is great!)

– Magetic strip – the self-adhesive one is great if you can get it (‘The Works’ tends to have it in stock

– Pretty card ( If you have scrapbook papers, these are great but, wallpaper samples make a good substitute and there are a lot of downloadable options which you could print onto light card which you can get hold of from any craft or pound type shops.

March 24th 2017 upload 054

Cut and trim the card to the size of the peg, and do the same for the magnetic strip. Then, using either self-adhesive fixings or glue, stick the magnet to one side and the paper to the other and, voila, it’s done! A few of them could then be pegged onto a little piece of card, which could be decorated or even personalised, just for the one you’re giving them too!

March 24th 2017 upload 140

3.  Button Flowers

Things you need:

– Buttons of different colours and sizes

– Florists Wire

– Something to put them in

– Dry oasis

– Optional: ribbon/ Decorative grass

I absolutely love these; they are so simple but I think they are really cute and make a gorgeous wee accessory. Simply choose two or three buttons that coordinate well together and thread them onto an arched piece of florists wire ( does that make sense?!) The trickiest part is then to wind the two stands of wire that come through the buttons very tightly together. The wire can be trimmed to size, even with a good pair of scissors.  To display them, you can use a jar, a cute wee pot, an old jar that you’ve used the contents of and washed out or, simply bunch a few together and tie with some pretty ribbon! If you’re putting them into a container, a wee piece of dry oasis can be used to hold them in place or, if the container has a narrower nect, then the decorative grass which can be got in a range of colours from pound shops can be stuffed in around it and finishes off the little bunch beautifully!

4.  Fudge.

Things you need:



Condensed Milk

Vanilla essence ~(optional)

Saucepan, big spoon, and strong arms!!!

A butter baking tray or similar

March 24th 2017 upload 112

The recipe we use is another Rachel Allen one ( noticing a trend yet???). Fudge is a big favourite here and, since we’re all of chocolate for Lent, treats are being thought through very carefully – temptation avoidance and all that! When it’s ready, simply bag up – I love disposable piping bags tied with some string or pretty twine and a label for this or, the wee individual cupcake boxes lined with a pretty napkin make another lovely little display option for this tasty treat!

March 24th 2017 upload 134

5.  Bunny Card/ Picture

Things you need:

– Bunny templates

– Pretty patterened card (see the memo peg instructions above)

– Sticky squares

– Glue (gotta love the PVA here too!)

– Pom Poms

– Card

– Coloured pens

March 24th 2017 upload 055

We ( or rather, my little minions – I was chased!) made this as a card but, if you had a wee frame to match the size of your card, it could easily be a picture! Use the templates and draw around the back of the card, cut them out and then, using the sticky fixers to the back of the bunny/bunnies and position on the card and then, stick on the pom poms. Finally, to finish it off, write your little message using the pretty pens OR, if you’re very organised, you could have a wee message already printed onto the card from the computer before you start. Either way, these wee bunnies are sure to bounce their way into someone’s heart!

6. Feeling Sheepish

– Black and white pom poms

– Black pen

– Card

– Glue (PVA)

As with the bunnies, this could be either a card or a picture and, just like the bunnies, you need a wee message – written or printed on – pom poms then need to be stuck on to form the ‘ewe’ and finally, four wee simple stick legs drawn on. And, job done!

7.  Handy Hangers

Things you need:

– Plain wodden clothes hanger

– Napkins (or decoupage paper if you have some  – I didn’t have any, but many craft suppliers would have!)

– Small paint brush

– 1/2 PVA 1/2 water mix (Or the proper modge podge glue if you happen to get your hands on some

March 24th 2017 upload 135

To begin with, tear the napkins up in to lots of smaller piece. Then, using the gluey mixture and the brush, attach the napkin pieces to the hanger. Beware – this is messy and takes a while! It’ll need to be hung up to dry afterwards but, it’s such a pretty idea when it’s finished!

March 24th 2017 upload 136

8.  Frame It!

Things you need:

-Plain frame  – we got ours for just over a pound from the local pound shop

– Buttons

– Glue

March 24th 2017 upload 108

This is pretty simple and easy to put together   – let the kids loose with some buttons, glue and a plain frame and then, put in a picture of the little creators themselves – sure to be a hit with a doting loved one!

9.  Picture It!

Things you need:

– Plain frame

– Glue

– Buttons

– Patterned card/ scrapbook papers/ wallpaper samples etc.

– Shape templates

– Printed background

Much like number 7, decorate the wee frame in the style of your choosing. Then, rather than adding a photograph, pop in a little picture with a wee message that will mean something to the one you’re giving it to. We created two different wee ideas but, with the wealth of templates available online, or your own creative streak, you’re only as limited as your imagination!

10.  Handprint Art

While I was working with a parenting website last year coming up to Father’s Day, we created some wee gifts, one of which was a piece of hand print art – what parent  ( or grandparent!) wouldn’t love this. We tired a slightly different take on it this time, with a different paint colour for each child and then, one one had dried, adding the next on top. I’d love to say this was just perfect but alas, rushed drying meant that this was a little tricky to achieve, along with trying to keep the hand of a two year old still,  so, I’ve included the picture from last June – you know, here’s one I made earlier  – can I get my Blue Peter badge now??? Pleaaaassseeee???!

So, whoever the recipient happens to be, I bet there’s one of these simple wee ideas that you could adapt just for them and with just a few simple bits and pieces for each, there’s plenty to keep in mind for those rainy days that we encouter every once in a while and don’t forget, ‘We can’t all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.’

Whatever your weekend plans, I hope you have a lovely one and, if you give any of these a go, be sure to get in touch – we’d love to see how you got on!!

Go on  – be the reason someone smiles today! x


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