Little Thoughts

Lessons from Packing

I’ve learned a few things about myself recently. Well, in some cases learned. In others, had confirmed and in still others, finally realised.

I hate packing. Like really hate it. What to bring, what to leave behind, when to realise you’ve waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much set out to take with you and yet, you still watch yourself squeeze the whole bloomin’ lot in regardless.

I’m terrible at packing. (See above.) Exactly how long do I think I’m going for? You know there’s a good chance you’ve overdone it when the morning after the night before’s ‘putting everything we need to take into piles’ activity results in anguished laments of ‘I have no shorts or trousers’ followed by,’I have no shoes or socks’.

In my pursuit for luggage relating to above packing, a trip to the attic was required. My attic is a psychotherapist’s dream. Man I have serious letting go issues. The baby clothes and toys that we won’t need again but, sure, they’ll be handy if little people visit/run out of clothes/grow through various sizes while with us. Then there’s the stuff that’s been shoved in I can’t quite remember when, to be ‘sorted on a day off soon’ that’s still there, desperately looking for a purpose in life. Though, if you don’t mind, please don’t mention any of this to my other half. It’s all really important and significant and absolutely every single piece of whatever is in there is most definitely needed. Just to be clear!! 😉

I don’t think I’m alone though, I reckon we each have our own ‘attic’ that one job/thing/issue that we try to put off for as long as we possibly can – the one we know will be a job well done when it finally is, but, the one that we just can’t face right now!! (If you have any information regarding when ‘right now’ will be moving on and the ‘right time’ will be here, I’d be most obliged if you enlightened me!)

One thing the packing process has shown me ultra clearly, is that I never want to move house again. Ever. I packed for a week. Granted it’s self catering and with the Great British weather and the reality that we’re likely to be attacked at some stage by the force that is a messy toddler-not to mention a predicted heat wave to compete with rain and whatever else the elements throw at us-a range of clothing for each of us is therefore a must. But aside from the usual toiletries, a few select books and daughter necessities (though, I’m goin to be honest and say I haven’t even inspected their bags -saves on the ‘why on earth would you need that?’ line of questioning.) really, we’ve only packed up a tiny portion of our lives and that was enough to make even the sight of a for sale sign cause a weakness in the knees. (And that’s without starting to think about the, uh em,’necessities’ in the attic!)

It has been a positive process in some ways though. I’m productive under pressure. I generally always have a to do list of some description, whether mental or on paper and recently, there have been a few lingering items. Well, not any more, or at least there’s been a lot of ticking off. Wardrobes tidied out? Check. Hot press rearranged? Check. Garden clipped, weeded and tidied? Check. Washing and ironing up to date? Check. Little toddler bed painted and in place ready for impending ‘big girl bed’ status? Check. Fridge cleared and cleaned? Check. House cleaned and tidied? Check. Attic tidied and cleared? Hmmm… The less said about that the better methinks! But, pretty much everything has been done inside a few days. So why on earth leave them on a list as ‘pending? (See psychotherapist /attic issues for further reference).

Well, maybe part of the ‘do it all (nearly) in a mad few days’ is giving yourself permission to go on holiday, to leave the jobs behind, to forget about the things that need done and not to even need to consider plugging in an iron or a hoover? Whatever the reasons, it’s nice to know that returning to tidiness and a sense of achievement, before lugging everything back in and beginning the wash, iron, put away, repeat cycle once more, will feel pretty good.

One thing’s for sure, if you want to make all your hard work last that little bit longer, there’s a simple solution: do all you need to do, step outside, lock the door and leave… but remember, there’ll always be the attic that will still be waiting for when you get back!!


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