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Wedding Joy

Me: Hi there. I’m here to set up for the wedding reception tonight.

Hotel Staff: Are  you the DJ?

Me: (Trying hard to keep a straight face) Eh, no…

So, if I wasn’t ‘the DJ’, then what was I? Well, that’s kind of a tricky one. I’m not sure there’s a noun for what I was, but there were certainly quite a few adjectives.  I was excited, I was nervous, I was hopeful, I was apprehensive. Above all, I was absolutely and utterly delighted to have the opportunity to do something that gave me more joy than the bride and groom will ever possibly know… and not least because they’re pretty special people.

Little Green Tree (my wee business as opposed to this actual blog) has evolved in a couple of different ways since it began a few short years ago and this year, quite unexpectedly, it moved in a new direction once again.  For a while I had been toying with the idea of wedding stationery and accessories but had never really done anything about it. A few months ago though,  when I was approached about creating inviations for the wedding celebration of a very dear couple, well, quite frankly, I couldn’t say no.

My mind started ticking over, some questions were asked and answered, samples were created and tweaked and finally a design was decided on and, before we knew it, an idea was well and truly set in stone and the wheels of the wedding wagon were set in motion.

As the bride was a fan of the vintage look, that was our starting point. Then, since they were flying off to have a beach wedding prior to the celebration at home, that was in my mind as well. The idea of a beach in a tropical paradise just shouted colourful and fun and so, patterned bunting was an obvious choice (what can I say, I’m a succour for the stuff!) Thinking about the travelling aspect, little labels to represent the idea of the ones needed for luggage when jetting off were my next addition. Finally, because at the end of the day, the celebration wouldn’t exist at all without love, a simple little heart button to complete the look.

As the wedding drew closer, I was entrusted with dressing and decorating the function room and this sent me into a state akin to that of a child on Christmas morning. Before long, a vintage beach theme was brewing and ideas began to take shape. Photos from the wedding sealed the fate on the flower choices and when I collected a big tub of cut flowers from Diane at the beautiful Charlotte’s Web, I couldn’t have been more delighted with what she had gathered together for me. All I had to do then was work out where they were all going! (I think this was probably my offical ‘what on earth in the world am I meant to do with this lot?’ moment!) but, thankfully, it all seemed to come together in the end.



As there were going to be a few little people at the celebration, it was the perfect opportunity to trial some of our new Wedding Survival Kits for younger guests. These each contained a range of goodies and acitivites and some even had the special addition of a camera with some very specific challenges.  (But more about those another time!!)


Sometimes less can be more and so, the table centrepieces were composed of jars – two of which were simply decorated with vintage style materials and contained a simple mix, while the biggest jar was filled with sand, some shells and either an orange or a gorgeous pink germini. These sat on a round mirror and, to finish it off, a few shells and the table number matching the invitation design idea but in the style of a label.

When thinking about a wedding cake, the bride and groom wanted a simple cake and some cupcakes decorated in colours to match the bridal party and Nadia Orr did a fabulous job and she has a wee Facebook page coming soon, but her number is available for any enquiries. I made bunting to match the invitations for a cake topper while some rose petals and a small rose head finished it off. Then I simply tied string around the bottom tier, just like the string from the invitiatons (you’re getting my theme obsession, aren’t you?!) Displaying the cake and cupcakes together posed a little challenge, but we got round it and I have to be honest, I kinda loved this!!

The main decorative focal point was just through the door of the function room, and as this meant it was something everyone would see, I wanted it to convey something of what the celebration was all about. Strewn with shells and a few little tealights, and sticking with the theme of travel, some decorative suitcases were used to hold sand from a beach that is now incredibly special to the bride and groom,with Mr & Mrs traced into the sand, a few rose petals similar to the roses that the men wore in Mexico, a couple of little bottles of sand and some postcardish ( a lesser known adjective!) style photos were hung up to give the guests a little taster of the wedding day itself.

So much happens at a wedding celebration, it can be hard to remember everyone you saw and so, a little keepsake momento was created with the help of the guests.  Rather than a guest book, little hearts were there to sign a name on… just enough space for that and no need to worry about thinking of something witty or inspirational to say and,  mirroring the hearts on the invitations. A heart basket held some pens, the blank hearts and a little message to tell the guests what they needed to do – in a style that matched the invitations of course – leaving the happy couple with a jar full or memories at the end of the night! Along with the flowers displayed in a couple of contrasting ways, three little blackboards each with a line from one of the three songs that were played at the wedding were there to capture the essence of the day.  Finally,  one of our personalised pictures replicating the style of the invitations with the name of the new Mr & Mrs completed the display.




And so, that was that. With the room decorated and everything in place, it was ready for the bride and groom, along with their friends and family, to share one of the most important events in their lives. Smiling and laughing, dancing to great music by DJ Tiny, aka Paul Rooney, (see, it really wasn’t me)  made it incredibly hard to leave, despite three bleary-eyed children thinking of their beds. It truly was a night to remember.


I was thrilled, honoured and delighted to be a part of such a happy and joyful event and as doing it all again next week probably isn’t gong to happen, I look forward in anticipation to see the stunning photos Leanne took to help freeze frame the moments. To have the opportunity to create something unique for a special couple so clearly and beautifully in love was a real privelege and I trust they will know happiness and blessing in the years to come and above all, may they never, ‘wear out the words I love you‘.

Photo Credit: L. Magill Lifestyle Photographer


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