Little Thoughts for Advent

The Ever-Present Gift

With day fourteen, we began our look at the New Testament and, in particular, John 1 verses 4-6. This is perhaps one of the best known references to light that we associate with the Christmas story. Here, we see contrasted the light of life that we are offered through Jesus and His sacrifice and, the lack of understanding that so many have.

This served as a reminder once again of how not everyone is willing to even consider, let alone accept, the real gift of love that was given to us at Christmas- the gift that was given despite the fact that God knew not everyone would appreciate or even want to receive the gift.

Our book was ‘Grumpy Badger’ -a little creature with a lesson to learn at Christmas  and our activity involved card, some little sticks, colour sequins and the wonder that is glue! The resulting, by unique, Christmas trees were real wee beauties!

We thought about the carol, Emmanuel, one of my favourites (though, in total honesty, my ‘favourite list is growing every year!): ‘For all those who live in the shadow of death, a glorious light has dawned. For all those who live in the darkness, behod, you right has come!’ I love that Emmanuel means ‘God with us’ and, I love even more that that ever-present state is not dependant on us or anything we do. If God were only there for us when we deserved Him to be, or we’re good enough, well, I know I’d never reach the mark. Thankfully, the gift of grace at Christmas goes beyond what we are and, is dependant only on God and His gracious, loving devotion and His awesome, incredible promise, that He will love us for forever!

‘On earth there is no power , there is no depth nor height,                       That could ever separate us from the love of God in Christ.           Emmanuel, our God is with us,                                                                               And if God is with us, who can stand against us,                                            Our God is with us, Emmanuel.’



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