Little Thoughts for Advent

Abandoned No Longer

On day thirteen, we turned our attention to Micah 7 verse 8: ‘Do not rejoice over me my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will stand up, though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.’ As with all of our readings, we were once again looking at light – helping us to turn our attention to the gift of Christmas – the Light of the world.

We thought about how we can complain to God about bad things in the world, but we also thought about how we have sin in our lives too and we also do bad things. As we recognise that we are far from perfect, we thought about how, in our imperfection,  we need to depend on God and not just look to Him, but also for Him to be a guide in our lives – a light to lead and direct.

When God sent Jesus to be born on earth, He sent Him to clearly show us that we are not destroyed and abandoned, no matter how much we may feel that we have messed up. God never wants His people to feel forgotten  or beyond help – we weren’t left at Calvary, abandoned at the foot of the cross, we were taken beyond the empty tomb in the arms of grace

Our book was a little ‘My First Christmas’ and our carol, Kari Jobe’s ‘When Hope Came Down’:                                                                                                        ‘A silent night like any other,
When heaven sent the one,
The one we will call our savior,
And redemption begins,
In a stable in Bethlehem…                                                                                         O let us sing Redemption Song,
Let us worship Christ the Holy one,
We were lost, but we were found,
When Hope Came Down,
When Hope Came Down.’

Our little activity involved making stockings (fear not, these were never intended to be worn!) We used paper cut-outs, sparkly card to decorate and then, the girls wrote on pieces of paper to put into them, outlining gifts that we are truly grateful for which can’t be bought… much like the gift of that first Christmas.


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