Little Thoughts for Advent

The Gift that Keeps Giving

Day twelve took us to Isaiah 60 verse 19 which tells us ‘…the Lord will be your everlasting light…’ The incredible assurance in these words, is that although Jesus came to be a Ligh on the earth, this did not change when He went up to heaven and so, He is a Light for all eternity.

At Christmas we receive presents and very often these get broken, go out of fashion or stop working. Unlike these earthly presents, the gift given at that first Christmas never goes out of date; He is eternal and everlasting-I don’t think I’ve ever had a gift to match that!

The carol we focused on mixed old and new- Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy). Alongside the traditional lyrics runs the newer chorus, which contains the lines:

‘Joy, unspeakable joy, rises in my soul, never let’s me.’ The promise of those last four words we can hold firmly to. Rather than a making or creating activity today, we had a lovely morning doing some last minute shopping, soaking up the atmosphere and forcing ourselves into a lovely coffee shop! Then, it was home to get ready for the Sunday school parties-a definite reason for excitement!

Our book was a lovely, eye-catching version of The Night Before Christmas-one that’s always great fun to read! So, after an eventful day, it was lovely to take a minute to pause, before getting ready for another brand new day!


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