Little Thoughts for Advent

Light … If we Choose to accept it

On day eleven we looked at Isaiah 60 verse 1: ‘Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rescues you.’ This reminds us of the light that Jesus brings and of God’s rescue plan through Him – the plan in existence from before the world began.

We considered how the God we know to be unchanging and immovable has always been faithful and how He gave His son as a gift at Christmas to fulfil His plan at Easter, to rescue us from sin, by means of the ultimate sacrifice.

This helped us to think about the gifts we give and receive at Christmas. Not until we choose to accept a gift does it become of any worth to us. God has given us Jesus and has offered His gift of love and light to us, but the decision of whether or not to accept the gift is ultimately ours.

Todd gave us the opportunity to write a letter and create some rather unique pictures to send to our sponsor child-always something we absolutely love doing! Finally, our book was a collection of cute little Christmas stories that are all very pleasing to the eye!

Our carol was Michael Card’s ‘Celebrate the Child’, which reminds us how the Light of the World can dispel our darkness-if we choose to accept. As always, the decision is ours.

image image image


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