Little Thoughts for Advent

Light in the Dark

Last week about this time I was feeling rather smug about having got caught up to date with the posts for our Advent Adventure. Then this week happened. What is it they say about pride before a fall?! Well, picking up from Tuesday… Let the catch-up begin!

So, on Day 8 we looked at Psalm 119 verse 105: ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.’ This verse reminds us that God’s word, the Bible, is there to guide and give us direction. Much like a light though, if we don’t actually choose to use it, we won’t know what it can do for us. The thought that when, perhaps, we are confused or concerned or uncertain, if we look to God’s word, it will not only give us advice for now – the lamp to help us right where we stand – but, will also help us to see clearly the path we should take.

We considered how Joseph must have felt when the Angel visited him to tell him about Mary and the very special baby she was to have. This must have been a massive thing for him to take on and he had two choices: to leave Mary or, to stand by her. I believe that if Joseph had not felt that this was a direct message from God, he never would have made the decision to honour and stand by Mary and the child she was to have.

In life, we may not be faced with decisions quite as dramatic as this, bu we still have the choice in life to hear or read God’s word and believe it, or, to ignore it. I don’t believe that Joseph regretted the decision he made, even if this did not mean life was always easy. Trusting God, the One who made us, and His word, I believe we truly have a light to show us the way and, to point us to the Light of the World… the best Christmas gift ever!

Our little activity tonight was getting the Christmas cards ready – at least the girls are organised even if their mummy isn’t! Finally, our book was ‘The Perfect Christmas Present’, the tale of a little creature who learns a very valuable lesson on the first Christmas. Finally, our carol, Jesus Your Name:

Jesus Your name, Prince of Peace;
Quiets my soul, treasures the least.
In perfect rest You will keep
All whose hope is in You.
Jesus, Your name can silence the storms;
The strivings that trouble our world.
Jesus Your name reveals you as Lord: Oh powerful name!

A lovely encouragement and a great reminder that the Light of the World still has the power to still our storms.


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