Little Thoughts for Advent

Certainty in Uncertain Times

Day ten saw us move out of Psalms and into Isaiah, to possibly one of the best known Old Testament passages relating to Jesus’ birth. Isaiah 9 verse 2 reminds us of the prophecy he was sent to deliver:’The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.’

In the time we’re living right now, I think we feel much of what is in the world is dark and evil and yet, this verse shows us clearly that at the time was Jesus was to be born, the world was dark but, Jesus’ coming into the world was to be a light, a beacon of hope, for the people of that age – just as He still is for us.

There is no questioning the darkness of the times we live in, but, the Light of the world still offers us hope in the darkness. He is the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever. What a awesome thought that even when all about us changes, He never does. And, just as He brought light and hope through His coming into the world at Christmas and the gift of sacrifice and salvation at Easter, so He offers us grace for each day.

There’s just one thing that can stand in our way though. We can have all the lights we want in our homes, we know exactly where to find all the switches which never move, unless we choose to use them, they are of no use to us when it’s dark. So too, in life, when we face dark times or even the darkness in the world around us, the Light of the world wants to show us the way, but He won’t impose Himself on us. He’s always there, He’s unchanging, His promises are still faithful. If we want Him to bring light into whichever darkness we find ourselves in, we know exactly where to find Him.

Our activity involved the old faithful salt dough and a little angel cutter! Last year, we used a heart cutter. While we decided to go for something different this year, personalising them with our finger prints was a definite idea to keep and, once we’ve got them painted, they’ll be hung on our wee light tree again.

Our book was a wee Christmas sticker activity book and, despite the fact the to do parts have all been done, they still enjoyed looking through it. Our carol was Glorious Light, see the dawn of salvation. It reminds us how the world has ‘fought the song of the angels, heavenly music is drowned by a warring world’ but, thankfully the message doesn’t end there and the day we long for and ‘hope burns a light’, giving us real cause for celebration at Christmas and always.


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