Little Thoughts for Advent

Farewell fear… It’s time to shine!

Just another manic Monday… If ever a song title lived up to its name, boy is that it! In the midst of the chaos though, we managed to snatch some time to turn our attention to Psalm 27 verse 1 – undoubtedly a verse of great reassurance and encouragement: ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?’

We thought about how David was so thankful for God’s protection, His power to save him from his enemies; His ability to light the path and show him the way – whatever he was facing. This allowed us to think about times we’ve been afraid and things that frighten or concern us. And then we glanced at Luke 1 and considered how incredibly frightening Mary’s encounter with the angel must have been: not just because an angel had appeared suddenly and had started speaking to her but, also because of what the angel was saying to her… Who wouldn’t quake at a message like that?

Mary had a choice there and then: she could run from the message and turn away in fear or, she could trust that The Lord would light her path and show her the way and give her the strength she needed to fulfil His plan for her. Not much further on, we read her song of praise and realise that she chose the latter option, a decision that led her into the role for which we know her best today.

Mary trusted that God would give her the strength and direction that she needed for all that she had to face. That He would direct her path with the light of His love…  And entrust to her care the one who would grow under her love and care and, be the Light of the world for us.

Our wee book tonight was a lovely colourful re-telling of the Christmas story with photos of little models of each scene and was unwrapped with such excitement you’d have found it hard to believe they’ve had it got years!

‘Mary did you know’ was our carol. Not quite as well known for the girls, but a great example of how Mary may well have thought about the many aspects of Jesus’ life-I wonder! even with the angel’s message did she really know what her Son would become. A simple, straightforward woman whose life was  transformed and used to incredible effect by the same God who, like Mary, wants us to turn from fear and trust Him.

Finally for tonight, our wee activity once more involved glue and glitter a little coloured ink and… Pine cones!! Besides the obligatory traces of glitter never to leave us again, our cones were a quick wee make and they look really well too! Our lives are a wee bit like the cones… We might all look very similar and we may not feel particularly special, but if we trust  God and His plan for us, no matter how small we may be, allowing Him to take our fears and trust Him to guide us, we too can shine!


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