Little Thoughts for Advent

Let Heaven and Nature Sing… Day Five

Day five already – and what a day it was! Whatever the name of the storm is at the minute that we’re suffering the effects of, if he wanted to make us stay in the house most of the day and watch Christmas films of questionable quality, he succeeded. In all honesty though, it was one of those days when it was a real treat to just look out at the rain and wind and enjoy a slower pace than we’re used to! It also gave Todd the opportunity to throw in a few wee treats and, when we dared to venture out later in the afternoon, he even had a shopping list for us… What a clever elf!!

On a day when a drive around the harbour and the sight of the sea spray washing over the pier wall showed the power of nature, we turned our attention to Psalm 8 verses 3 – 5. These verses speak of the awesomeness of creation and how we can seem so very insignificant in the midst of it all. But, I think it’s safe to say that David was blown away by the fact that God still loves and cares for us and has special plans for us. As humans, we are ‘made lower than the angels’ and, when Jesus was born, He was fully human as well as being God and for God to allow His only beloved Son to experience human emotions and pain and suffering for our sake, is an incredible reminder of just how special God thinks we are.

When David declared: ‘When I consider the heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place, What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?’ I believe he was trying to get his head around the idea that in the midst of the universe, the tiny insignificant specs that we are matter to God-something which is totally understandable when you see an image of the universe… And David didn’t have google to check out so, think how much more this question applies for us today when we have access to awesome images!

Away from the glare of electric light, a clear night sky filled with the lights of the stars has to be one of the most breathtaking views available to man- lights in the darkness, reminding us that the One who set each and every one in their places is the very same One who has a plan and a place for us. And One who offers hope beyond measure for eternity, throught the gift if His Son. Our carol tonight was Joy to the World, where the chorus reminds us that ‘Heaven and nature sing.’ All of God’s creation celebrate together- something I reckon David could imagine-hundreds of years before the birth of his descendant would cause this reaction once more.

With our shopping done, we made some sweets which the ladies will bag up and will give as little gifts, hopefully reminding their recipients just how valued and significant they are.

Our book tonight was a gorgeous telling of the Christmas story for children and, even our littlest person was keen to take a peek!

If Christmas does nothing else for you this year, let it remind you how loved and valued you are. You matter. Even if you feel lost and insignificant in the midst of this vast universe we inhabit, you are special. Just think-when Jesus was born in a stable, how many people would’ve thought He had any significance… And how wrong would they have been? Never underestimate yourself – You are special and loved beyond measure.



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