Little Thoughts for Advent

Day Three with Todd!

So, three days into Advent and we turned our attention to a wee passage from Exodus 13 verses 21 – 22 where we read about God guiding His people safely with a pillar of cloud by day and, at night, by a pillar of fire-a guiding light to lead the people to safety, with the wonderful, reassuring promise that He would be with them, guiding them and never leaving them.

This helped us to think about two things: firstly, reminding us once again that Jesus came into the world to be a Light to guide us and that God is always with us. Secondly then, it drew our attention to the Wise Men who followed the star to visit Jesus – a bright star that guided them and showed them the way, just like the pillar of smoke and fire had led God’s people hundreds of years before!

Amazingly and reassuringly, this faithful promise is still ours – and that’s a gift that can’t be wrapped! The carol we thought about was ‘We three Kings’, particularly how the star would ‘Guide us to Thy perfect Light.’

As it was the school Christmas fair, Todd got a night off providing an activity but, he was on-hand to supervise the eating of some delicious and festive cupcakes we’d bought there (it really would have been incredibly rude not to).

Our book last night was a real favourite… ‘Aliens love Pantaclaus’ … What is it with children and rhyming, underwear related humour?!

Having had our first three days of advent on the three busiest days of our whole week, we’re looking forward to finding out what Todd has in store over the weekend and enjoying our Adventure at a slower pace!

See you soon… Hopefully!!





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