Little Thoughts for Advent

Day Four…. Sparkles and Blessings

Incredibly, it isn’t almost midnight and even more amazingly, I’m writing up our day four happenings on – wait for it- the fourth!! So, while I’m still on time, for once, here goes!

We looked tonight at Numbers 6 v 24 – 26:                                                    ‘The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.’

As we looked at these verses they let us think in detail about the message of this blessing. These lines clearly tell us of all that God wants for us: to bless, to protect, to offer grace and peace. What an awesome thought that God wants to turn His face to us and shine the light of His love on us-a reminder once more of the extent of His love for us, in the gift of Jesus-the Light of the world. The final phrase of the blessing-that of peace, made us think of the message the angels gave the shepherds, the promise of peace on earth.

We thought of what ‘peace’ means – peace in our hearts, peace that chases fear and anxiety and worry. Peace that contrasts the chaos and disorder in the world around us. We also thought about peace instead of war and, something that’s been on our hearts recently, the thought of how incredibly different this world would be if all those who wanted to bring pain and hurt to others-who seek to bring darkness into our world-knew what it was to act in love and sought to bring light instead of darkness- what a prospect. Peace and love and acting in a way that cheers and uplifts others-isn’t that a life we’d all love to live.

Our little activity involved a lot of shine … What would Christmas be without glitter and glue?! We made little stars with lollipop sticks and the aforementioned magic combination! Lesson learned… There are times when you can under-glue… Who’da thunk it?!  Our book tonight was a fantastic one that we gained last year… Complete with a build-your-own nativity scene… Something to he ladies took charge of themselves this year!

Finally, our carol tonight was a very recent discovery for me, offering the wonderful blend of traditional and new all in one! I really hope the little link below works, but if it doesn’t, check out Peace has Come, Hillsong 2014, on YouTube

Peace Has Come

‘Behold the Star of Bethlehem,                                                                            The word of God has become flesh                                                                           Unto us a child is born                                                                                                  The Saviour of this broken world.’

And… As a special treat, a night of jammies, sweets and a Christmas film . Hope your Friday evenin is a blessed one x



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