Little Thoughts for Advent

Advent: Day Two

As we embarked on the next step in our Advent Adventure, we looked at Genesis chapter one again- this time verses 16 – 18.  This focused our thinking on the lights that God created at the very beginning and how they are so very important to us- many, many, many years later. This reminded us of the importance of the Light of the world, whose birth we are preparing to celebrate.

Just as the moon and the sun were created with a very specific purpose and because God knew they were necessary for our daily lives, so Jesus entered the world as a baby-with a very specific plan and purpose.

The sun and moon also serve as another reminder: that though both were different in size and used to represent different parts of the day, both have very important roles to play because they were made to fulfil a very particular purpose… Just like each and every one of us. We may not feel as significant or as important as someone else but, the simple truth is, God made us unique and special and He loves us so much, He sent us the best Christmas present in Jesus and His gift of salvation.

Like the moon and the sun, God created us to fulfil our very own individual purpose for this world-we too were born to shine- for Him! The carol we turned our attention to, was O Holy Night, where we were reminded of the promise of hope a new day brings:

‘A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.’

We had some fun with other shiny stuff… Namely glitter! Using glue, lovely fine craft glitter and some polystyrene balls, we crested our own unique baubles (and managed to make some other surfaces sparkle too!) The girls enjoyed this though, let’s be honest, little girls +glitter + glue = a winning combination!

Our wee book was ‘Papa Panov’s Special Day’-a very sweet tale with gorgeous pictures! I don’t think opening presents ever gets tired-even if you have a fair idea what’s inside!



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