Little Thoughts for Advent

Our Advent Adventure Begins…

Well, the tree is up, the advent calendars have been purchased and Todd the elf (the name was the decision of Miss E last year and honestly, we’re not totally sure where it came from, but it stuck) has emerged once more from his box in the attic… it must be December!







I think it’s safe to say we all got something from our Advent Adventure last year and so, we’re embarking on our journey of preparation and discovery once more! While some elements will most likely remain the same, there are a few differences planned. If you’ve decided to join us, you’re very welcome!

As I had feared, the practicalities of daily life don’t always make recoding our activities easy and so, you’re getting our intro AND the first two day all in one. Here goes…

Day one kicked off with our twig tree in the centre of the table-where it’s easily accessible for hanging our little count-down decorations on, as well as being a reminder to us of the season we’re in. The little birds from last year are getting a rest and this year, it’s all about the stars!

Our wee reading went right back to the beginning -a very good place to start, if I’m not mistaken! We looked at Genesis 1 v 1-5. From this, we went on to think about how important light was to break up the darkness and how God knew exactly what He was doing- you don’t create something out of nothing without knowing a thing or two! We also thought of how Jesus was there at the fiery beginning and how, He would one day be light in the darkness of a world of sin. This helped us to understand our wee thought-that God had it all Sussex, right from the very beginning! Our carol was Joy has dawned, which serves as a reminder that Jesus was promised from creation-a promise that would bring light and hope and joy. This reminded us that we too can be lights to those around us, by acting in love and sharing hope and encouragement.

As joy is something we associate a lot with Christmas the love God showed in His gift to us, the girls decorated the letters of the word and hopefully, in a day or two, I’ll show you where they end up!


Our first wee book gift was one for our littlest miss, ‘That’s not my Reindeer’-a hit with all concerned!
So, that’s our first day… Hopefully we might catch up on ourselves at some point!
Have a lovely day!


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