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What do you mean it’s STILL September ??? #littleloves

Still September?? Seriously???

   Am I the only one who’s found this month a bit, er, never-ending? I’d totally forgotten how tedious this month can be. I don’t know if it’s the horror of return to routine, the fact that uniforms and homework are reigning supreme once again, that sense of not still summer but not really quite autumn, or, if it’s just the general transition from doing what we want when we want to having to be and do when we’re instructed to by the rigours of real life (versus holiday life which is clearly more fairy tale than reality… What’d’ya mean I wasn’t saying that one afternoon in early August? ;o) ) seriously though, while I’ll probably be horrified at the rate at which the rest of the year moves, for now, I’m not sorry that we’re about to part company with September. So, in this last full week of the month-never-ending, here’s what’s been going on with us as we catch up with the #littleloves crew.



This week, I decided I needed to try and find some reading time again. Not surprisingly with three little people running around, this generally happens in bed therefore, that old sneak, Sleep, very often takes over my plans, but, I have been enjoying Cider with Rosie. When I saw the ad for the BBC adaptation this coming weekend, I really liked the look of it and thought I’d challenge myself to read it all before then.. We’ll see!, I’m not very far in yet so, here’s hoping all three of my little people opt for a relaxing Saturday tomorrow, where mummy just puts her feet up and reads all day… You know the ones I mean;o) So far, I’m loving the language and finding it quite humorous too. As for getting it finished by Sunday, I’ll let you know how that goes!


I’m still really enjoying Doctor Foster and if you’re watching but haven’t got caught up, to avoid any spoilers… What the younger woman said she did, I don’t think she has and what happened during the night, I think, somehow, Dr F played a part… I’ll probably be proved totally wrong, but I look forward to finding out! There’s been a lot of excited watching in our house this week as our littlest Miss has been spotted taking a few tentative, unaided steps! In all honesty, I’ve been watching with excitement tinged with denial… I love seeing her move but, does she have to be that big so quickly?? What with the length of two Septembers under her belt, surely it can’t even be possible ;o)

Please note,new helmet for the purposes of new bike seat rather than paranoid mummy!!! P.s, can I add this to ‘wore ‘?!


Oh dear. As per usual, this is something I fail miserably at. After seeing one of the worst photos of me taken ever, at work, I’ve decided that, from henceforth (unless for LBD or other suitably classy option) I shall wear less black! I know I’ve probably said that somewhere before, but this time I like so totally and completely mean it…!


I listen to Radio 2. There, I said it.

Recently, having heard something on said radio station that was relevant to a lesson with a class that day, I asked if any of them listened to it. It would appear that you need to be about 500 to be old enough. Oh well, at least that explains the wrinkles and black bags under the eyes!! This week, I heard two new songs… One possibly just to me and the other, new to everyone (ok, so not absolutely everyone, but it was its first public play, so you know what I mean!) I’d never heard of Jamie Lawson until this week, but I’m definitely going to be listening out for him again. Yes, his song broke my heart, but it truly was beautiful… Sigh/sob/wipe away tears even on second listening …FYI, your husband may not necessarily appreciate it as much as you! It did cause him to do a wee bit of a background search… Whatever did we do without google?? And, my, analysis that he was quite Ed Sheeranish might well have been justified… Do you think Simon Cowell started his multi-million pound career with assumptions like that? No, ok, probably not. My second ‘listen’ of the week was the new Bond theme tune. Sorry Sam Smith fans, but I did not love this… Maybe it’s a grower, but for now, well, it’s no Shirley Bassey!


I ended up dragging out the cake mixer twice this week, both occasions resulted in scones (and the second, brownies as well) Having a close relative who can’t eat wheat, I have dabbled with gluten free flour before. On Thursday evening while preparing some goodies for my better half’s contribution to the worlds biggest coffee morning, I ran out of the ‘real’ flour and ended up topping it up with some of the gluten free. I’m not sure what I did, but they definitely didn’t turn out as they usually do and I thought I could almost feel a weird texture… Anyone else had a similar experience or did I just do something weird?mfrankly, I’ve no desire to find out by even attempting them that way again!


In a week where I’ve felt a bit worn down, I’m reminded of the importance of support and encouragement, something I’ve been learning the significance of for a while now. You never know the effect a smile, a kind word or a wee reminder that someone you know is valued and worthwhile can have. So, as we prepare to watch the seasons change, remember, there may well be someone in your life who needs to know that your loyalty to them won’t!



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