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Busyness, Blessings and Baking #LittleLoves

I love being a part of #littleloves and I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I took part but, hopefully that we’re now starting to fall in to the rhythm of our new routine, this little entry opportunity will find a little place in the timetable of our ‘normal’ life!


Well, if last week was the dress rehearsal, then this week was certainly the full, live show. I thought our full week of school last week was pretty nuts. Then we added pretty much everything else into the mix over the past seven days and, hey presto, that totally-knackered-by-the-middle-of-the-week feeling has made its return. I’m not complaining though (not really) – I can’t imagine what life would be like without the madness that tires us and the little people who create that madness so, while I may mutter and moan from time to time, honestly, I may be busy, but I feel truly blessed.

Anyhoo, here go my little loves for the week that we’re just rounding off!

I’ve done quite a bit of reading over the summer and just realised during the week that since ‘normal’ hit us again, I’ve been lagging behind on the old reading front (unless you count ‘Kitty Cat’, ‘Little Chimp’ or spelling lists?? !!) I have been dipping into the old classic, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (there is a method to my apparent madness) but alas, it’s been a few lines and then a Kindle in the eye – I love my Kindle but, Mr Amazon, if you want some advice for future models, please consider a ‘soft touch’ exterior for the sleepy heads!

Well, obviously Bake Off (complete with pre-show bake… and I wonder why my diet never works!!) But, man am I loving ‘Doctor Foster’ on ITV. I am totally gripped by this and as well as waiting in anticipation for the ‘treatment’ the Doctor is going to prescribe, I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the whole situation than meets the eye. Also, we’re really enjoying ‘Cradle to Grave’ on Thursday nights. It’s becoming our ‘just the two of us sitting down together for once before midnight’ spot and I think, possibly, I’m loving it for that even more!

As far as clothes are concerned, this has been a tricky week. You leave the house in the morning sure that that lovely crips, cool autumnal air is back, only to be roasted by mid-afternoon!! I’m also on the search for a wedding outfit for late October and, excitedly got hold of one that had caught my eye in a shop window. Oh my. You know the whole perception versus reality?? In my head, I was practically a princess in it. In reality, I’m still realitvely traumatised by what I saw in the mirror. Needless to say, the hunt for the perfect, flattering outfit continues!!



Lots of noisy children… in work and at home. Seriously, where do they get their energy from? We’ve also been getting back into practising routines and my eldest has been following her practise sessions up with mini-performances. Bless her, she’s trying really hard and I look forward to hearing further improvements in the weeks to come… Vanessa Mae, prepare to step aside ;o) I’ve also been loving the new Matt Redman album and particularly love ‘Abide with Me’ but honestly, they’re all fantastic!

I’ve been working on some orders for Little Green Tree (and am truly thankful for understanding customers who are incredibly patient while I get back to speed again), as well as trying out something new. This is just a work in progress at the minute, but it gives you an idea of where I’m headed! There was also a spot of baking over the past week… wee buns, cookies and our mini pre-Bake Off jam sponges. I may not be contestant material (for ‘may not’ read ‘would get laughed out of the tent’) but, I must confess, baking makes me happy!! Bet you’d never guess that I wasn’t into extreme sports??! We also had a go at some cute little paper craft chicks from Sass and Belle… patience and good glue are definitely required, but they were very sweet and the girls were delighted with the outcome!


In a week where a couple of situations have caused me to think of how truly fortunate I am, little Miss K really got me thinking (FYI, it’s kind of her speciality). Mid chick-making (see above) she looked at me and asked, ‘What’s it like to be another person?’ As I informed her, I’ve never been anyone other than me, so can’t really speak with any authority on this matter but, it really got me thinking: how often do I look at the people I meet and wonder what life is really like for them? So often, I think we are very focused on need in far off lands ( and please, please, please, do not think we should ignore this – that’s not my point) but somehow, we often manage to miss the need that’s right under our noses. I know she’s challenged me: not just to see faces around me, but rather, to look deeper and wonder, what would it be like to be them? I reckon that once again, the wisdom of children is worth heeding.
Have a lovely weekend everyone x


3 thoughts on “Busyness, Blessings and Baking #LittleLoves”

  1. Haha, my husband is always knocking himself out with his Kindle!

    Those chicks are very cute, not sure I’d have the patience though.



  2. Lovely Little Loves!
    I enjoying Dr Foster and like you think there’s got to be more going on than we know yet. I’m waiting for the plot twist!
    I love when kids come out with things that really make you take a step back and think. My eldest has always had the knack of doing this.
    Hope you’re having a good week xx

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