Little Thoughts

Great Expectations

I never met Charles Dickens (despite how old I may look and feel) but, if he were to have written about my last couple of months, he may well have found that he’d been too premautre in using his ‘Great Expectations’ title for Pip and his friends because, I reckon, it pretty well sums up a number of chapters in my own life recently.

At the beginning of the summer, I had the most fabulous expectations for my wee blog. I was going to dedicate lots of time to it and set free some of the multitudionous thoughts and ideas that have been spinning around in my head (some may say ’twas a blessing this did not happen). Then, life happened. I may not have needed to spend hours applying suncream and cooling over-heated children but, man did time seem to fly past.

No, it wasn’t the best summer weather wise and no, we didn’t have to spend time packing for and being on a trans-Atlantic holiday, unless you count our little trip at the beginning of July (trans-Atlantic might be a bit of a stretch though!) but, it was a great summer and I was kinda sad when it ended. (Did anyone else just want to weep at the thought of routine again?? And then want to howl when normality set in ?!) We did lots of different things and, I had wonderful expectations about allowing you all to share in those with us as I blogged about each little trip. Hmmmm.  Two posts out of a more significant number of opportunities is, well, eh, well, it just is.  I had so much I wanted to say and share but, alas, I think the summer swallowed up most of our free time and by the time the house was settled of an evening, the old brain cells were a bit too settled as well!

During more of the free time I was going to have over the summer, I was going to work on the bikini model body that I’ve been hiding so well. Shall we just say that in retrospect we’ll class that as an unrealistic expectation and mention nothing else about this chapter, other than to confirm that the anticipated body is still very much hidden.

Add to these the chapter on developing some of my sewing, crochet and violin skills (and believe me, ‘some’ is actually quite a generous description of these ‘skills’!) and quite frankly, I think I had pretty ridiculous expectations of what was achievable in the time I had!

Then, we had the optimisitic expectations. You know how it is, eating away at your lovely Asda pre-prepared salad and a charming beetle appears beneath the greenery… hmmmm… I’m still having salad issues! I did think it would be worthwhille letting the good people who always want to save us money know what had happened and, having carefully packaged my new found friend and enclosed a letter of explanation, I sent him off in the ‘pay a bit dearer so they sign for it’ post; and waited, optimistically, for their response. A card with a whole £7 whole pounds was sent my way: to cover my postage and packing, the cost of my salad and as a goodwill gesture. Perhaps it was silly of me to expect a minimum of a nice round £10 but, you know, bearing in mind the costs on my part, the goodwill on theirs wasn’t exactly overwhelming. But hey, it’s £7 I didn’t have to spend in Asda before so I really should be grateful… though don’t ask me to eat one of their Mediterranean salads ever again, please!

As I draw towards the closing chapters, there were the exciting expectations I had as we prepared to celebrate little Miss M’s birthday. (Seriously… a whole year… ever think someone has stolen time from you?!) Now, when you’re one, it’s obviously a big deal if you don’t get to have your party on your actual birthday and so, we had a low key prelimianary party just for us and then, a few weeks later, when we got our wider family together, we had our ‘main’ party. Oh the Pinterest worthy hopes and dreams I had for this! While I didn’t quite hit the moon, there was no harm aiming for it and, though Pinterest may not have cared what we were up to, it was a lovely family day and, it fed my party theme addiction nicely (but more about that another time!!).

So, rather than bore you with thousands of words, re-telling what we got up to, here’s a wee snap-shot of what I didn’t get round to telling you about as it happened and, as I close this final chapter, regardless of any expectations I may have had about what would get done, the time I had with my wee family, whatever we were doing or wherever we were was, quite simply, great!

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