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Sun Cream, Swimming and Bird Song #little loves

I love this little linky but time seems to have run away with me for a few weeks so, I’m really pleased can to have found a few moments to get involved again.


This week, I’ve managed to catch up on the list of unread blogs that have been building, as well as the two books I have on the go at the minute-  ‘Us’ and ‘Simplify’. I’m really enjoying ‘Us’ and can’t wait to find out how things will end. ‘Simplify’ is truly one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and I’m learning a lot-I truly hope I can learn to live out some of the best ideas, rather than just reading and forgetting!


While I find it a bit bizarre, I’m enjoying Humans on channel 4- really not sure how it’s all going to turn out! There’s also been time to watch the kids play… And, mess the place pretty much all day… Cleaning with them here is a bit like shovelling snow in a drift, and yet I continue to try to… Hmmm!! The girls have also had swimming lessons for 8dsys (I know it’s worth it, but I won’t miss the running every morning AND the additional washing!!)and we’ve watched them build in confidence and really improve. No doubt, lots more trips to the pool would be a big help to consolidate all they’ve done, but for now, I’m very proud of their progress!


I have a bit of a weakness for desserts and I love making them and trying out new things. This week, I had a go at putting a twist on a very simple one-strawberries and ice cream with chocolate buttons and sauce in… Wait for it… Edible bowls! I’ve been meaning to try these for a while and, in the absence of any balloons, I opted for greaseproof paper in little bowls, added melted chocolate, left to set before peeling the paper off and, voila… Yummy and saves on the washing 😉 I’ve also been quite busy with orders, both cards and pictures and as always, I’m really grateful for these. Little Green Tree has been very fortunate in having the opportunity to display some of our goodies in the local library for the month of June and, due to some unexpected circumstances, we’re now staying for July as well so, hopefully a few new makes will be added next week!


With the warmer weather (I know, it’s not exactly tropical, but it is a definite improvement!!) the bedroom do does have been opened, I’ve loved listening to the birds singing in the morning-simple pleasures!! I’ve also heard excited chatter from the little ladies as excitement builds for a last minute mini break we’re planning (and I must confess, I’m a little excited too… Apparently someone else will hoover, clean, do the dishes AND make breakfast… I can’t wait!!)


Despite a bit of a wet start to the week, the old sun cream has been in use again and it really is the ultimate accessory for any outfit 😉 The swimming lessons have meant that the swim suits have had lots of use this week-though just for the pool of course!! As our littlest continues to get to grips with her need to feed herself, she’s been wearin lots of food-beans in the hair, thin as it might be, really are something!

And finally, in a week where remembering loved ones no longer with us, we’ve enjoyed exploring old photos-you know, the ones that had to be developed to be enjoyed!! I’ve loved watching the girls look at their relatives when they were younger and for added value, watch them try to work out which of them is which in photos… Even they can’t tell the difference!

Have a lovely weekend x




3 thoughts on “Sun Cream, Swimming and Bird Song #little loves”

  1. Also finding Humans weird but strangely addictive…watching this week’s episode as I type. Looking over old photos is such a great thing to do, especially with everything being so digitalised nowadays. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂 xx


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