Little Thoughts

A Modern Day Fairy Tale… A Prince and the Polls

  • This afternoon, following a bit of a disappointment/ dehydrated bacon moment on Saturday, (confused? Follow this link and all should hopefully make sense!) we  got to watch Cinderella! With more charm and one-liners than a vote-hungry politician, we were hooked! We laughed at the ‘scenes of emotional distress’ warning at the outset… Oh boy… They weren’t wrong… If you haven’t seen it, girls and boys, this one needs a mascara warning, big style! (If you happen to be an exceptionally emotional little 5 year old, the old mascara probably isn’t so much of an issue, but hugs will definitely be needed on an occasion or two.) I, for one, was very brave… Until it all got too much… Who knew fairy tales were so emotionally charged!!
  • In fairness though, I did feel it lacked ‘Beware the amazingly white teeth’ and ‘inevitable swoon’ warnings- for you boys seeking hints on romance, look no further… The young prince has much to teach you 😉
  • The music was incredible and the  ‘Lavenders Blue’ motif was both beautiful and emotive … I challenge any wannabe princess not to picture themselves on the stairs in the ballroom (or is that just me??!) We were ready to place a multiple order for some glass shoes and little Miss E had major dress envy-hard to blame her really!
  • I have to say, I think Kenneth Brannagh did an amazing job- the original fairy tale is still very much at its heart but, that 21st century need to understand and explain why we do what we do was woven in so, so well!
  • Motivation within the characters was a big factor in understanding their actions and decisions and it made me think about the politicians who are so much in the spotlight today and indeed, ourselves!
  • The screen was continually filled with beautiful people but, what mattered more than how they appeared, was what they were like on the inside… And that certainly shone through and affected our perception of them as characters. Over the past few weeks and especially the last few days, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I watched the politicians smiling, holding babies, visiting places we don’t usually see them and, while I would love to believe they’re all doing it for the ‘Kingdom’ … We know that even the wonderful prince in Cinderella used this line and yes, even he had ulterior motives (albeit ones we totally approve of and whole-heartedly support!!) I can’t help but let cynicism creep to the surface and ask if it isn’t all just part of a plan to win us over… Or maybe the party leaders really are planning on some babysitting on the side and are hoping to give the term ‘nanny state’ a whole new meaning 😉
  • Either way, I don’t think it’s really fair just to label the politicians… Haven’t we all worn a false face or hidden the reasons why we do something from time to time? I wish I could’ve watched Cinderella today and thought of how much of myself I saw in her… Always acting out of love; biting her tongue instead of biting back; forgiving instead of allowing events to fester and… Rockin a pair of glass sippers (not to mention ash on her face-it takes real inner beauty to see past that!!) I know I am more than guilty of wanting things my own way and finding it much easier to dwell on things that have annoyed me than to let them go and choose to forget them. Frustrated or fed up, we snap at those we love most, yet we can step outside our doors and grin at those we meet to create the version of ourselves we want the public to see… And to think we call the politicians false! It’s much easier to judge and criticise them then it is to see  something of our own actions in theirs!
  • I hope that as well as warming the cockles of my heart, that Cinderella has reminded me of how important it is to act out of kindness and to cherish those we love the most.
  • As for our politicians, whoever we are to look to as the many links in our new chain of government, you could do worse than take an afternoon to watch Cinderella… But above all, ‘have courage and be kind’ and who knows, maybe a Westminster fairy tale is about to begin… Once upon a time there was a government… Coming to a UK near you??!

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