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Better Late than Never #littleloves

It may be late but it still is Friday and I’m so glad to have managed to find some time this week to join in again with But Why Mummy Why? and #littleloves! I always love reading other blogs in this wee linky and think it’s a great opportunity to take a moment and consider some of the little things that happen in our lives which we can so easily overlook but which, may well be the little things that we look back on in years to come as real little treasures of the heart. In a week where we’ve seen about four seasons and been over-run with pre-election publicity, here are some of my #littleloves.


This week, I’ve been continuing to read ‘Gone Girl.’ Honestly, I’m loving this and by rights, I should have it finished. The main hold-up has been a condition called ‘Real Life Syndrome.’ The symptoms for said condition include an absolutely firm belief that you will be tucked up early with your book of choice, reading into the wee hours if necessary.  The reality is, you manage to stumble into bed about 3 hours later than you had planned and after a few pages, you try and knock yourself out by dropping your Kindle onto your sleepified head… the result? Way slower progress than you want! But, that aside, Gillian Flynn has me hooked and while I think I know where it’s headed, I can’t be sure as she likes to deal a curve ball every so often! I am slightly fearful for how it’s all going to turn out since Emma over on Life at the Little Wood mentioned that the film did not necessarily tie up all loose ends… I fear I know what this means in Gone Girl terms and it will frustrate me endlessly if I’m right but, I’ve started so I’ll finish. (p.s. I haven’t finished the book or watched the film and I’m not sure what the author of the book or the film director had in mind with the character of Boney but, in my head, she basically is Megan from ‘Bridesmaids’. Apologies Ms Flynn if I’ve gone totally off with this, but in my head, that is who I see!)


This week I really enjoyed Kirstie and Phil’s new offering – ‘Love it or List it.’ I do kinda love this duo and Kirstie would most definitely make it to the table of my fantasy dinner party (that’s a post for another time) and generally, in TV terms these two rarely disappoint.  Thankfully, this is another of those occasions.  A bit of friendly banter, watching an incredible transformation take place and the opportunity to have a nosy for some new interiors inspiration in some gorgeous houses. What’s not to love?!  I’ve also been watching my littlest Miss moving about and, dare I say it, making her first shapes at pulling herself up! Exactly how she moves is anyone’s guess, but she sure gets about! Oh where has my teeny tiny baby gone… if only we could slow down time, even a little!


This week, for the first time in ten months, I have heard a school bell ring every half hour as I made my return to work. As I crossed the car park on Monday morning, it felt as though I’d never been away but, I soon realised how relaxed my life had become when I had to start paying heed to the mechanical messanger, alerting me to the passing of time. Honestly, safe in the knowledge that I had three happy children being well looked after elsewhere, this was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome.  Oh how different a school day without bells would be! (for ‘different’, please read ‘utter chaos’!)


What have I made this week? Three dozen scones? Check! Pictures and cards for lovely customers? Check! Progress with things I needed to do? Check! Absolutely gorgeous chocolate brownies which take about 5 minutes and cook in about the same in the microwave? Chhhheeeccckkkkk!!! Honestly – who needs a sohpistocated list of instructions when you’ve got a google search result that bakes happiness in minutes :o) The only thing to improve on these yummy creations was, when the less attractive looking ones were hidden among ice cream, chocolate sauce, broken up meringue pieces and a dollop of fresh cream… the Sundae Surprise as it’s affectionately called in our house – are ya feelin the love?! Oh, and a must-include… at the request of a Little Miss, I made a daisy chain… ah, lost childhood, come back to me!



This week, my wearing has involved … wait for it… LESS black! Yep, you heard it (we’ll not talk about the work clothes if that’s ok with you!) Inspired by #puttingyummyback with Making Memories in the Chaos, I’ve given the wardrobe a bit of an overhaul. Amazingly, I even managed a touch of nail polish as well! I’m not quite ready for the catwalk yet, but, most days, I have been trying to make a bit more of an effort… though I do foresee blue as the new black… baby steps, people, we don’t want to rush things ;o)

imageimage image image

And Lastly

I’ve already mentioned my return to work, but, unlike my previous post-maternity leave returns, I believe this one was significantly less traumatic owing to the fact that, for a trial period anyway, I’m back just two days a week.  Honestly, I think this may have been one of the best decisions I have ever made. While life is still hectic and the to-do list is still a work in progress, man has this made things significatly easier. (A bit about this on my post the other day – you can catch it here if you missed it!) I no longer feel torn between the job and its pre-occupations and family and home. I am truly, truly grateful for the opportunity to return to work this way and hopefully, it might even give me a little more time to nurture Little Green Tree and help it to grow! I also love the wee quotation block I found recently and ‘had’ to purchase.  I think it’s sound advice for all of us: ‘Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!’ – think I might just adopt that as my new motto!!


Have a lovely weekend x

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3 thoughts on “Better Late than Never #littleloves”

  1. I find shoving the ironing pile into a cupboard so you can’t see it helps when you return to work 😉 Until you all run out of clean ironed clothes of course! Glad your return to work seems to be going well, part time is such a good option when you have little ones. 5 minute brownies – I need this recipe! Have a great weekend 🙂


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