Little Thoughts

To the Ladies…

Five hours.  300 minutes.  18,000 seconds. Approxiamtely 8 years in separation-anxietied mummy time. However you want to count it, after 9 whole months (short of a day) out in the world and 9 months (roughly 40 years in ‘no I don’t do pregnancy very well time’) as a bump of varying degrees, I finally left my little lady for the longest time we’ve been apart since her little life began! Forever, this shall be known as Milestone Monday! Did she pine for me? Did she sob on her granny’s shoulder howling ‘Ma, ma, ma!’? Did she have a miserable time and look sad, sullen and forlorn when I returned? Well, em, no! Don’t misunderstand now, she did put her arms out and hug me as only a slabbery almost 9 month-old can, but, while I was away, she did not fret or scream and cry inconsolably! Yeah!!! Having lived out the last scenario for about four weeks every morning when I went back to work after Miss K was born, I did not want to experience this again and so, a ‘Let’s face the worst before the return to work actually happens’ personal workshop was booked!

When you haven’t been apart for any longer than a hair appointment, you dream of good, hot coffee that you haven’t had to make and time to have a leisurely read. You imagine what it would be like to browse around a shop without having to keep an eye on the time in case someone decides to make their presence felt in a rather noisy and unsociable manner. And then, your imaginings are a reality and… You’re wondering how on earth you’re meant to behave without your little sidekick!

My ‘alone’ time today reminded me what strange creatures us ‘wemen’/ladies are and so, this is a tribute to just some of those I encountered today. I have no idea where or what circumstances you were coming from or going to, but here are the thoughts our encounters-possibly unnoticed by yourselves-stirred for me!

To the lady in Debenhams who gave me a free sample on Estée Lauder BB special summer foundation stuff-thank you! Anyone who bestows free make-up upon me is probably recognising just how much I need it but, hey, if it’s free, who am I to be offended? I’ll level with you: I don’t have the foggiest what ‘BB’ stands for but I’ve been promised a lovely glow and she mentioned something about wearing it on holidays so maybe she knows something I don’t… Barbados here I come?! (You may laugh now, but just you wait till I’m on that beach in my BB cream foundation, glowing! ;o) ) Thank you kind free make-up lady.

To the ‘lady’ (inverted commas becuase it’s safe to say I’ve probably never called her that before – not that I shouldn’t have though!) that I’m fortunate enough to call a friend, who understands me enough to know that this morning was going to be a long one and, who also understood what I meant when I told her that if I felt any more lost I’d need a compass. A friend who ‘gets’ our quirks/weirdnesses – in short,  one who gets ‘us’, really is one of life’s greatest blessings!  Thank you my friend lady.

To the lady in the very patched-up, old white car who felt it necessary to toot loudly and gesticulate wildly at me, I’m going to be honest, I still have absolutely no idea why my pulling into the lane that you were not driving in caused you to react so wildly. For all I know, you had had a nightmare of a morning and just needed to vent – I don’t know anything about you, so to say that you acted irrationally is a bit unfair. You helped me to remember that I had no reason to feel angry or mad. Thank you slightly scary driving lady.

To the lady who served me in the music shop where usually a man is serving, I thank you. You see, you prevented me from the potentially embarrassing situation where I had to ask Mr Shop Keeper for a new G string… yes… I ‘helped’ Miss E to tune her violin last night and, well, the rest, as they say, is history. I understand that a proper grown up would be much too mature to find humour in making such a request. Yeah, well, the world would be dull if we were all we should be all the time. So, anyway, thank you for working today Music Shop lady!

To the lady in Caffe Nero who kindly served me my delicious coffee, you really set me up for the day and despite having to watch people around you chill out and relax while you have to work, you do your job well. Thank you Kind Coffee Shop lady!

To the lady who is Gilllian Flynn – clever and skilled author of ‘Gone Girl’. Had it not been for you, my coffee stop would have been over in a few minutes, as I checked the time frequently (I’m not totally sure how this was going to help my separation anxiety issues mind you!) However, your book kept me intrigued. In truth, but for the fact I was going to search for and buy some fabulous new clothes (I didn’t) and buy a necessary new G string (see above if you’re skimming and this has filled you with dread), I would’ve been tempted to stay put and keep reading! Thank you wonderful book-writing lady!

Finally, to the four main ladies in my life, thank you for being adaptable and helpful… my three little ladies who coped today so well with reverting back to old routines/ willingly co-operating with brand new ones (albeit as a trial run) and the mum/ granny lady who so selflessly looked/looks after and cares for my little people when we work. You all made my Milestone Monday so much better. Thank you wonderful ladies!

Right now, I’m happy to have made it through the day calmly and without the shedding of tears, thankful for the people who fill our lives everyday… wouldn’t life but dull without them? Just as most of those I’ve mentioned (and a few others I haven’t) probably didn’t give me a second thought, I wonder how many people we encounter each day remember us long after we’ve forgotten them? I wonder what kind of ‘lady’ we were for those faces in the crowd? Remember, as Jane Austen once said: ‘It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.’ Now that is something for me to book a ‘workshop’ on!


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