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My Midweek Manifesto

If you’re at all like me, then the party political broadcasts and manifesto launches have had you on the edge of your seat. If you’re like me, you’re probably also very sarcastic! That’s not to say I haven’t listened and watched with some degree of interest when I’ve been ‘fortunate’ enough to catch one of these informative broadcasts or news pieces. You’ve got to love their enthusiasm to make life better for us all and to seek to please every last one of us.  The promises made; the hopes for a better future; the savings we’re all going to make… it really will be something!

I was more than a little amused, when I heard one party outline all the taxes they were going to cut, while at the same time informing us how education, health, and living standards were all going to improve.  Now, I reckon I destest the tax paying as much as the next person but, really, Mr Politician Man, how are you going to deliver all these wonderful changes if you’re cutting all these taxes (sorry, I would be more precise but honestly, from where I’m sitting, I’m not really sure what they all are or what they all do, I just know that I get to ‘donate’ on a regular basis and if that’s how it has to be, then I’ll render to Caesar, just don’t expect me to answer questions on said rendering!) at the same time? I am starting to believe that Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, to name but a few, are actually covering names for Gryffindor, Slytherin and other such houses in the great Hogwarts of the policitcal world; that big, old, building full of mystery and magic, Westminster! Yes, I now believe that if the future is really going to be as we are being promised then, our politicians must, in fact, be magicians!

It’s hard to believe that I’m on my own in feeling that policiticians/magicians/wizards are actually people we can trust.  They promise the earth but, at the end of the day, once they’ve got our votes/attention, how many of these amazing, life-improving promises will actually become reality? Forgive me for being cynical, but has past experience not left us all feeling a little that the political wizards are simply illusionists whose tricks lose their appeal when we realise that, actually, they’re not that impressive after all? Apologies to any politicians (i jest… one, they are all way too busy at present and two, I very much doubt any of them would be reading this, much less caring what I think) / political supporters who feel I’m being harsh, it’s simply the opinion of someone who, while admitting I would barely know a Hansard from a Hagrid, gets a bit frustrated and fed-up with the whole election ‘show’!

In saying that though, if they have worked it all out and are able to account for savings and improvements, please oh please come and work through my finances with me! In fairness, working out numbers better than me wouldn’t really be something to brag about – Maths never really was my strong point (hmmm, bit of an understatement here). However, I can recite Pythagoras’ theorem… I kid you not. Mr Maths teacher, for about 22 years now, thanks to you, I can declare, ‘The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides.’ And yes, that is stored up safely in a little file in my brain marked, ‘Yes, I can remember that fabulously useful mathematical fact but struggle to remember how much I paid for the pack of 18 toilet rolls I bought in Asda the other day’  – they were definitely a bargain though! and yes, I do recognise that my excitement at said purchase is very troubling.) Back to Pythagoras… I can talk the talk but, truthfully, I don’t have a clue what to do with it- does anyone? Acutally, don’t answer that! Is this an accidental politocal analogy also… I know, so cynical so young ;o)

Yep, it’s definitely a triangle!

The good old politicians and their manifestos did get me thinking and so, feeling inspired (?really??), I decided to create my own manifesto and, in the spirit of the mid-way point and the need to alliterate, ladies and gentlemen, I give you… My (not-for-votes-just-for-the-purposes-of-my-own-ponderings) Midweek Manifesto!!

This manifesto is a daily plan, one that considers each 24 hour block to be an opportunity to begin again, trying as far as possible to remember that each day is in fact a gift to be treasured and enjoyed. It is a promise to be thankful for the blessings contained in each and an aim to be patient and calm with all those living in my constituency (otherwise known as our house). I will try, as far as possible, to meet the needs of my constituents, admitting though, that I am far from perfect and will likely (not on purpose or to hurt but simply because I’m human) let each one down at some point, but will hopefully manage to provide food and clothing and allow time for fun each and every day. Working in partnership with my coalitionist (i.e. my other half), we will seek to do our best for our constituents, creating a place where each feels safe, secure, happy, fulfilled and free to express themselves. A place where each one knows they are valued, unique, special, fearfully and wonderfully made and created for a very particular purpose – their very own part to play in the world – a part no-one else could play, because there is no-one else out there who is just like them!

wilmas phone 197

I promise to offer love and care but also a firm, disciplinary action when it is needed. I know that constituents do not always like time-out, but I trust, that in the future, they will recognise that this was in fact for their benefit and that we did it all for their own good. Yes, even the insistence on table manners, helping you recognise when to talk and when to chew and the aspiration that, one day, the dinner aftermath will not replicate a war zone! Trust me, no-one wants to see your dinner again after it leaves your plate – honest! I cannot guarantee that I will be a ray of sunshine every day, but I can guarantee that I will always have their best interests at heart.


It is an honour and a priviledge for me to be called your representative (parent) and I pray that you will seek the path in life that God has for you.  That you will not be swayed by those around you but, that you will stand strong in your beliefs and that you will know true and real happiness and contentment.  I do not wish exceptional wealth for you (although, you know, if that happens, hellooooo retirement plan ;o) ), but I do hope that you will understand value – not just in financial terms, but in all that this life has to offer.  May you learn appreciation and thankfulness, knowing how much your very presence on this planet is appreciated and valued and, how truly thankful we are that you are here.

Constituents, there is so much more that I could say, assuring you that pizza will still be enjoyed, even though both sides of the coalition do not see the value of this fantastic invention (namely the Takeaway stuffed crust range we have so recently discovered – oh boy!), that your musical interludes and impromptu dramatic performances will be allowed to continue and yes, they will indeed remain tax free! That we will find time again for another cinema trip, for a visit to Fort Evergreen… because an opposing party (i.e. School) does not provide the opportunity for all constituents to attend in the near future although, it is unlikely we will be able to book a bus to accomodate the requirements of our constituency, (but the car should do fine, I hope!) The list could go on, but there simply isn’t the time to outline every fine detail at this juncture and, quite frankly, most days, we just wing it (too much honesty for a manifesto??)

wilmas phone 028

So, dear constituent, know that, as your very own coalition, we are very much united in wanting what is best for you and providing for your needs, even if that doesn’t mean all your wants. We seek to see you all with smiles on your faces, a quietly confident nature and a spring in your step because your heart is happy.

I trust that on May 7th, you will have your voice, as you do every day… just not with your mouth full please! x

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