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The Sun, He had His Hat On!

I had so many little things to love recently that I was bursting with ideas for my little loves contribution this week. But, alas, there was just way too much going on to even manage to find the time to get the post done for Friday, so, instead, this is a bit of a round-up or our recent happenings!

The holidays have absolutely flown and as per usual my expectations of what would get done have far exceeded real time and the reality of life but, they have been truly wonderful! The weather has been amazing (thank you Mr Sun, your presence has been most welcome! ) and our recent additions to the garden in the form of a kindly given trampoline (yeah!!! so truly, truly grateful and thankful!) and a new swing and glider set have undoubtedly added to the outdoor effect! Besides eating and sleeping, the girls haven’t really had much need to be indoors so when sleep has hit, it’s been good! (Well, two out of three ain’t bad!)

004 014

While I see the benefits of the regularity of routine, it has been wonderful not having to be places for a certain time or drag the girls in from the wonderful mild, dry fresh air, to be in bed by a reasonable-hour-for-getting-up-for-school.  I’m not going to lie, the thought of all being out and dressed, complete with bags and baggage for about half eight from Monday again does not fill me with joy! On the plus side though, weather permitting, I will manage a walk for the first time in a fortnight, you know, one that doesn’t have you at the point of almost reporting yourself for cruelty to children? Where, instead of holding to the belief that you live a five or so minute walk from the town, you are led to believe you have in fact been walking for ‘500 days!’ Yep, a direct quote!! A return to routine should also mean that my eating patterns are a bit more healthy/normal… whatever that is!

For the few weeks leading up to Easter I had jumped on the healthy/ cut-the-ridiculous-amount-of-rubbush-eaten wagon. For the past 10 days though, I’ve not just fallen off, rather, I’ve kind of thrown myself under the wheels and rumbled along clinging to the underneath as it’s rolled through Chocsville, Junk City and, not to mention a stop off in (Baked) Alaska…yummmm!! New, healthy me… watch out! If I stand any chance of actually fitting into any of my summer clothes, then serious action needs to be taken! I’m not a runner, unless being chased by a wild animal (i.e. dog – size or breed is pretty much irrelevant) and you’ll certainly not find me in a gym…unless sheltering from aforementioned wild beast! So, a bit of controlled eating and a good walk ( one that covers a reasonable distance in a smartish time and, one that isn’t broken up by an ice-cream stop!!) is my programme of choice. The lure of the trampoline is pretty powerful too although, the bounce while balancing a little person who’s rather taken with the whole thing is perhaps less than enthusiastic and more about not just keeling over!

Yep, those are mini eggs tuckedin the baked alaska… well, it was Easter!

Some things have been achieved over the past week or so though. We’ve spent time with family and even slipped in a short but lovely visit to Navan Fort just outside Armagh.  Although our time there was quite limited and didn’t allow for anything other than a walk, it really is a lovely spot! Granted, the stunning weather was an undoubted bonus, but it is definitely somewhere we’d be keen to visit again – there were lots of little points of interest for the kids and, despite disappointing our eldest by not having an actual throne to see, the view was well worth the climb up a hill in heeled boots!

A big break-through has also been made.  Our first and second took to solids with little or no bother.  I’m pretty sure there were likes and dislikes, but nothing overly dramatic or unusual.  Well, boy has Little M put us through our paces.  I kid you not, it has taken just short of 12 weeks to convince her that the spoon is not her enemy and that it is not necessary to clamp the jaws shut at the sight of ‘real’ food. I repeatedly announced that I wasn’t going to get stressed about it … methinks the lady protests too much! But, lo and behold, this week, we seem to have cracked it! The menu isn’t exactly gourmet and I suspect there won’t be a flurry or Michelin stars headed our way, but dinner has now become something which is enthusiastically greeted and indeed enjoyed and, while the other meal times leave a lot to be desired, ‘By, George, I think she’s got it!’ (Que musical interlude with song and dance… believe me, I wasn’t far off when she cried for the spoon, rather than because of it!)


At home, the new garden toys and the moving of some bits and pieces out to the playhouse in the garden, cleared a space in our playroom.  If you see us at all over on Instagram, you’ll see the disaster zone that these changes left in their wake but, thankfully, some measure of order has been restored ( I give it an hour… at most!) Our playhouse was an investment at Christmas with a long-term plan! It came from the fabulous Mourne Shed Factory in Hilltown and they were great in terms of creating a design just to suit us and their general craftsmanship and attention to detail.  My father-in-law, assisted by my hubby, has basically created a room that could be lived in – there was the odd joke that he was going to put a wee bed in for himself he spent so much time working on it! Had I realised the amount of time and effort that this addition to our garden was going to take, I’m not sure that I ever would have gone along with it.  But, in a year or two when we need to move our eldest into a room of her own, we’ll have a playroom – albeit an outdoor one –  that is hopefully a well-loved spot and the sacrificing of our indoor playroom for a bedroom will be one well worth making… hopefully!

Little Green Tree’s Crafty Kit range has also been growing.  Although there hasn’t been a huge amount to show so far in realtion to this, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes and before too long, I hope to be in a position to provide much more detailed information about what is available, costs and designs etc.  If, in the meantime, you are interested in finding a solution to a birthday party entertaiment issue, be sure to get in touch. We’re only too glad to answer any of your questions! At the minute, the idea behind them is that they are a take-home solution for you to use yourself but, if there is the interest, the option to provide a venue or even the supervision in your own home or venue, we may well venture down that path… again, anything you want to find out… just ask! I’ve embraced the craft orientated party for the girls’ birthdays, with a variety of themes and ideas and these have always gone down well.  Recently, we hosted a very specical ‘Chick Party’ and despite being an occasion for a wide age range, it was a really lovely way to spend an afternoon or, as I read about recently, a ‘Crafternoon’… you know when you really wish you were the one who’d come up with the new word/term? This, for me, is one of those!

In the immediate future though, there are orders to get finished as well as surviving the post-holiday bump back down to earth experience and the continuing development of the Crafty Kits and before then, there’s a  Crunchie cheesecake to be made and, I suspect, eaten. Not to mention the new Galaxy salted caramel bar that somehow became opened. Well, there’s no point starting on a new health kick if there are temptations on the loose, is there?!

So, assuming we survive the reality check of next week and i haven’t exploded from over-eating to clear the house of calories see you soon! x


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