Little Thoughts for Easter

T is for Trust

Tonight, we had Eddie the Egg to provide us with the next Eggsploration in our Easter lead-up.

We had the key verse:

‘Two are better than one… For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.’ Ecclesiastes 4 vs 9 – 10 and we read from Matthew 26 vs 17 – 29, where we thought about the final Passover meal, or Last Supper as it has become known.,  with the key word Trust.


Although from two different parts of the Bible, both of these readings reminded us of the need for support from others – when God made Adam, right at the very beginning of the world, He knew it was good for him to have help and that, I believe, is a truth that remains unchanged.  Even in the 21st Century, no matter what technology we have access to or what gadgets we possess, be it family or friends or both, human support is something each and everyone of us can benefit from. We all need someone we can look to and trust in life.

In the re-telling of the Last Supper, we see Jesus eating and enjoying fellowship with His friends.  He saw the need for that social connection with others, as well as the religious relevance of the meal.  Despite their not fully understanding the significance of the meal they were enjoying together, the disciples were there with Jesus, partaking in a meal that would, I am sure, come to mean even more to them in the future.  As we considered this, we thought of our time at the wedding the other day and how very different the meal we enjoyed would have been if we had all had to sit on our own at individual tables – how much better to share the meal with family and friends around us, chatting and enjoying their company.  I believe that while the meal was an opportunity for Jesus to prepare the disciples further for what was about to happen, it was also a way for Him to spend time with them – with many who were closest to Him.

What I find extraordinary, is that He was all-knowing, and He still saw fit to be in the same room as all of them.  Including Judas.  When we thought of how we can be upset when people let us down and how this makes us feel – as well as how we can let others down in various different ways, we marvelled at the fact that Jesus still saw fit to spend time with Judas.  Honestly, this blows my mind.  I don’t know whether I would have insisted He leave or made my own excuses, but I cannot imagine willingly being there with someone who I knew was going to treat me badly – let alone hand me over, at his own financial gain, to be put to death in the most unimaginable way possible.  Jesus’ example of forgiveness really is something else.  When I consider some of the things that annoy me and how I can hold onto that, what a challenge it is to see how Jesus responded, despite what He knew!

I do not believe that while we live amongst/ with / near/ in the same universe as others, that we can escape being hurt or let down at some point.  In the same way, despite our best efforts, I believe our human frailty will probably mean that at some point(s) or other, we will be the ones to cause the pain.  Not because we necessarily mean to or want to but, simply because as humans, we have the unfortunate default setting of messing up.  However, I believe that Jesus’ example of forgiveness is a real lesson in how we must be willing to set aside our differences, remembering that we are all human, that none of us is perfect and that Jesus who had nothing to be forgiven for, took the punishment for those of us who had.  With that in mind, what right have we to withhold forgiveness from others? Much easier said than it is done though!

Despite what would change for the disciples, one thing would remain the same, and that was and is the unchanging gift of love and forgiveness and grace from God.  No matter what happens around us or how let down we may feel, there is always One we can trust.  Just because we cannot see God, we can still talk to Him, we can pour out our hearts to Him and we need not hold anything back – after all, before we had even messed up for the first time, indeed, before we even existed, He sent His Son to conquer sin and death for us – He took on the enemy and defeated sin and death and the grace – all for us.  What love! So truly thankful for a God we can trust when much in this world is uncertain and constantly changing.

Our little pictures help me to summarise:

people at a meal & a sad face and broken heart – we need others to help us along and to be helped by us.  We should be someone who can be trusted; someone others can depend on.  We all mess up.  None of us is perfect, but, to go through this world alone would make it a very lonely place.  We need to support and be supported by those God has put around us. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship instead, we must be loving and forgiving, remembering at all times, that two are indeed better than one, especially when there is love and trust and forgiveness.

helping hands  – God wants us to show His love to those around us, reflecting the forgivenss and love which has been given to us on the cross.  This is no easy task, but how important it is to be someone others can trust and depend on.

As we thought about sharing with others and how important this is, the girls made some little Easter buns and decorated them. Now, before you picture a show-stopper challenge from the Great British Bake-off, we’re talking cornflake buns (i.e. nests) and little teeny tiny eggs, not to mention the odd fluffy (definitely not to be eaten) chick and possibly even a jelly fried egg or two! I would expect that when all the little masterpieces are re-examined tomorrow, we will at some point share one (or two) together.  The smiles that made them will no doubt beam brightly as these culinary delights are deemed worthy of consumption, with much obligatory comment on their beauty, creativity and deliciousness – we will all share in the joy that these little morsels can bring.  Nothing to the joy of sharing in the company of others we love and trust though.  Never underestimate the power of human contact, and remember, we’ve all been forgiven much, so, how much more do we have to forgive others? Never mind the wee buns, that’s definitely food for thought for me!




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