Little Thoughts

Little Loves with a bit of a Theme!!

In what has been an insanely busy week, there has been much to love so, in an effort to prevent me from writing for the next month, I’ve gone with a theme… I wonder how soon you’ll get it?!


I managed to snatch a few minutes here and there this week to catch up on some blogs and, in preparation for our Easter ‘Eggsploration’, I’ve re-reading the Easter story as well as some related verses. However, with all 3 kids at home all day on holiday this week and getting orders completed, time has pretty much all been accounted for!

Yesterday, I got to read the menu at my sister-in-law’s wedding, at the fabulous Darver Castle.  It read well, but I tell ya, it tasted even better.  The food was amazing and the staff were unbelieveably thoughtful and attentive – something I truly appreciated when I had to move about with our littlest a bit – yes…hot food, unsettled babies and eating in public actually can be a reality!!! Who knew?! The surroundings only but added to the whole occasion.  We definitely hope to be back to try out the restaurant and, if you’re that way, it is more than worth a visit! At only 15 minutes outside Newry, it’s a wee gem worth discovering!



Well, as you have probably guessed, our wee post this week is based around the family wedding we were at yesterday and so, in this category, we had the privilege of watching our sister/ sister-in-law/auntie getting married! It was a truly lovely service and it was a pleasure to be part of such a special occasion! We watched wonderful smiles, happy poses and, by the end of the evening, many dancing feet! My, can little girls party!!

Even the littlest lady managed a dance!!
Even the littlest lady managed a dance!!



As well as hearing my sister- and new brother-in-law saying their vows, I heard beautiful music in the church, my eldest doing a reading and, a fabulous band called Stonewall provided music for the party… the fact that the floor never emptied the whole night is testament to how great they were… if they’d still been playing, I reckon the little ladies may all still be dancing their little socks off!



I don’t doubt for a second that the whole family made many memories yesterday and we certainly all made many preparations (the plans to leave by 11… er, well, the less said about that the better!) – though not as many as the bride who had made so many advance preparations that she was, quite possibly, one of the most organised brides I ever encountered! In addition to working on orders this week, I also had the absolute pleasure of creating a Mr & Mrs picture for the newlyweds and, just like the gorgeous wedding flowers, this was created with bright, multi-coloured sequins! It’s the first official ‘brights’ piece I’ve created and, I really hope it won’t be the last… bright, cheery colours are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face… I hope!



I’m really enjoying being a part of the #littleloves linkie but, confession, this is the bit I kinda dread. Much as I dream of lookimg effotlessly stylish on every occasion, I never do! The contents of my wardrobe are a mystery best left to its own devices but, this week, thanks to my lovely sister-in-law’s fabulous wedding, we all oet to get all dolled up! Thanks to Debenhams, Ted Baker, Coast at Debenhams and Ruby Shoo we were all kitted out and ready for what truly was a wonderful day! (and yes, I do accept that in ten years my daughters may be less than thrilled at the matching dresses, for now, the chance to dress all three in the same was just too good to pass up!!)


And lastly…

In a week where, in more than one twenty four hour period we’ve been reliably informed that, ‘This is the best day ever!’, I’ve been trying to learn to see the world as she does, looking out for the unsuspecting pleasures all around and, when seen through the eyes of a child, there are so many… not least the addition of a trampoline in our garden… looks like spring really has sprung for us at last :o)



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