Little Thoughts for Easter

Our Easter ‘Eggsploration’!

Better late than never…isn’t that what they say??! I’ve been having some issues with a very huffy phone that had all of my photos from last night on it and so, please bear with some of the even worse than usual pictures.  However, as the title suggests, our ‘Eggsploration’ has begun… thanks for coming along with us x

Meet the first of the Easter Eggs… The one Kara has declared we should call Emily!


When she was cracked open, Emily’s contents were closely inspected. Inside we found a number of different things to help us with our little Easter thought ( as well as 2 edible chocolate eggs… these were picked up on a whim at the checkout in Ikea on Saturday…much like the bright yellow Easter cake we had there, I can highly recommend them and silently hoped the girls would declare they really weren’t to their taste… some chance!!)


Firstly, we saw our E… E is for Easter, but E is also for Especially and that, was our word for today!  While this week is all about focusing our attention on the true meaning of Easter and re-examining the Easter story, the first verse we thought about this evening was Jeremiah 29 verse 11… ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you [especially],’ declares the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’ ”

The idea of plans for one particular thing is something the girls are very familiar with at the minute as we are looking forward to a family wedding later in the week and their little girly minds are preparing for a day that they are very excited about! (Seriously, the bride has nothing on these two!! Thankfully number three is a little too little to catch wedding fever!) We discussed how this was going to be different to any other day of the holidays – certain preparations need to be made: there’re the dresses and the hair,  there’s the journey, the service to attend,  a meal to be eaten, a party to be danced at… and the list goes on.

The incredible thing is that no matter how well planned my little ladies think they are or we hope to be, the detail in those plans is nothing in comparison to the details of the plans God has for us – especially for each one of us – because He loves us all so much… and that’s where His plans came in for Jesus as well. Verse 51 of Luke 9 tells us that Jesus was ‘resolutely’ set to go to Jerusalem.  Why? Because it was part of God’s plan for us that we could be forgiven and have hope and that meant that Jesus had to go to the cross to die for us. Our ‘hope and a future’ is a result of the plan God had for Jesus that first Easter.

We also looked at Matthew 21 verses 1 – 11 where we re-read Matthew’s telling of the events of Palm Sunday. We thought about those who waved their branches and gave Jesus a hero’s welcome and how they shouted, ‘Hosanna’ – He saves.  They didn’t know the real significance of what they were saying – but God did.  And Jesus did.  And still He went.  Those people didn’t realise just how much of a hero Jesus was – One who really could save them.  However, we also thought about how many of those individuals would have a very different chant on Good Friday – their tune changed significantly  – they went along with a very different crowd mentality – something we need to be very aware of.  People of all ages (yep, the little ones and the big ones and the in-between ones) are all potential ‘victims’ of peer pressure or going along with what others think just to fit in.  We thought about how important it is in life that we don’t get carried along with the crowd.  If there’s a special plan especially for each of us, why would we settle for just following others?

The three little pictures Emily had helped to summarise our first thought:

– the donkey – this was used to fulfill an Old Testament prophecy…yep, this plan was in place right from the dawn of time, just like the plan for us.

– the palm branches – these were waved to greet a hero and accompanied calls of ‘Hosanna’ – He saves… how accurate was this and yet they didn’t even know! But, it’s also a warning reminder not to simply go along with the crowd, just because that’s what others are doing.  Be uniquely yourself!

– the compass – Jesus set Himself ‘resolutely’ to go to Jerusalem, because that was part of God’s plan for Him and, for us!

To emphasise the fact that we are all unique and that there is a plan especially for each one of us, we made very unique salt dough decorations for our Easter twigs. (yes, I do kinda love that dough!)


The dough might have looked the same but, each shape was cut, painted and created as a one-off… just like us! And when they are hung on the branches, their makers will love and admire them all, but especially the ones they created… just like our Maker and us. x



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