Little Thoughts

After the General Election…

I don’t know about you, but I’m quietly amused at the minute how easily people (ok, mainly politicians) seem to be able to get out of making decisions or taking certain courses of action… Until after the election. I’m not going to lie-in a way I’m kind of jealous.

Picture the scene: ‘Mum, I have no clean clothes to wear.’ ‘Don’t worry darling, the washing will be fine again after the election.’

or, ‘Darling wife, I’m quite hungry.’ ‘Don’t worry darling husband, shopping for food and cooking will begin again… After the election.’

I’ve had the most stupendous to-do list for what feels like months now and I never feel like I’m makin any real progress. I was thinking about how nice it would be to take the politicians’ way out and just put everything to one side but, what good would it do? The list wouldn’t change… Except to get longer! So, this week I took some action.

The to-do list changed from a mental weight on my mind to an actual list on paper and joy, what a difference! The ability to be able to tick things off and, I must confess, add things to which were immediately ticked off because I’d done them without them being on the list, (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!), has been so incredibly satisfying. The list is not entirely cleared but then, in a busy house where there are things happening all the time, should the list ever clear? I am reliably told the busy-ness is somethin to treasure… I try but, I’m not gonna lie… There are times when ‘being on top of everything’ I reckon, would feel like a dream come true!

This week, some very exciting orders arrived for Little Green Tree-specifically the Crafty Kits-and I really hope that my good intentions of the past couple of weeks will actually amount to something and, now that my little testers extraordinaire are on holiday, I might actually get them to carry out the creative experiments I’ve been lining up for them… I’m itching (thankfully this is metaphorical and not physical) to share them with you and bring you up to date on this new range… It’s something I’m very excited about, and I hope you’ll like it too!

The downside to this anticipated creative blitz, is that the house stands a good chance of suffering as a result and, the list of outdoor jobs is likely to be affected-wouldn’t it be great to be a juggler in life, keeping all the balls/batons/flaming torches all in the air at once?!

I could wish but, do you know, I think there is much to learn about priorities, choices and making the best of our time.  As I watch my girls grow at a rate I’d very much like to slow, given half a chance, I’m reminded that every single day is a once in a lifetime gift- a unique, special, never to be repeated opportunity.  I’d love to say I make the best of every day and use each I am given wisely. Unfortunately, I don’t. But, I pray that over the next couple of weeks I learn to slowly and carefully unwrap the gift of every day, recognising it as a blessing and a gift of grace that not everyone has the opportunity to live and enjoy, treasuring the little everyday, seemingly mundane moments, because one day, if life allows, I will look back, longing for the chaos, crumbs and craziness that I should be honoured to live through over the holidays.

The windows that need staining, the oven that needs seen to, the power hosing I’d love to get done… And 5 million other things I’d like to do… I reckon at least some (hmmmm, probably more than I’d like) will remain undone, not to mention the things that are left to the last minute (I somehow dodged my mother’s on-time/ridiculously early gene…much to her (mainly) silent horror). I know I struggle to prioritise in a non-selfish way but, I trust I will make wise decisions in the days ahead-the decisions that will create the memories and the look-back-on laughs and smiles.

So, for the things that don’t get done, they will be dealt with after the election… Just don’t ask which one ;o) x


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