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The Week that Was… Our Little Loves

This has been quite a week and honestly, I can hardly believe that it has been a whole 7 days since I managed to post something.  I have started on a number of occasions but alas, this was a week for the to-do list and, I’m delighted to say that a lot has ticked off…I moved on from the mental list that has been failing me for months now and, though there is still much to be done, progress has been made on the hand written version! I must confess, a number of items which have been ticked off were in fact only added and ticked after completion – I bet I’m not the only one who does this… ( anybody? somebody? just me?! uh oh!). Anyhow, enough digression… at this late hour… here our the #littleloves from Little Green Tree this week!


Have you ever found yourself being totally sucked in to something you didn’t know you were interested in until it was too late? Well, for me this week, that was the power of the Egyptian Mummies. Our eldest had a mini project to do on just this subject and I have to say, we all got a bit caught up in her research (… by the way… can anyone tell me how we coped before Google?? I am so thankful I did not become a parent before its invention…to those who survived parenting little people without it, I salute you!) I had no idea that many pharaohs were buried not just with their possessions, but with their servants (yes living ones!!!!) as well… Unthinkable! We had visited the Ulster Museum last summer and had the opportunity to see Takibuti – their resident mummy – so it was lovely to be able to recall a real life experience and put it to good use.  In all honesty, I was more than happy to catch just a glimpse of the 2500 year old Egyptian, but the Ulster Museum is fabulous and well worth a visit!

(p.s. a bag and a half of Tesco’s gorgeous fresh and naked salad leaves, I also read that it wasn’t like most salad bags and it wasn’t pre-washed.  oops…still I have lived to write about it.  Probably should read packaging a little more closely in future!!!)

077 078


This week was our GB display.  Our girls absolutely love it and I am truly grateful for the time, dedication and care that the wonderful leaders commit to the girls as they show and tell them about the love of God but, I do love the fact that the display signals the end of the Tuesday night running – a detect a drop in fuel sales until mid September!! I digress… the display was great and all involved did a wonderful job.  It was a lovely celebration of a packed 6 month session.



I listen to the radio a lot if I’m in the house or car in the mornings and I must confess to being a bit of a Radio 2 fan! There, I said it – Chris Evans, Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine, I’ve listened to you all for so long now, I kinda feel that if I were to bump into you, you should recognise me as we’re such old pals. As well as listening to what I think is some of the best range of music to be around for a while across all three programmes, Jeremy has indulged us in a lot of pre-election talk.  I have to be honest, I find the whole thing quite funny, we listen to grown-ups telling wonderful stories about what could be if we allow them the chance to give us our happily ever after, all the while hearing them bicker among themselves in ultimate playground fashion… and these are the people we are expected to trust with the running of the country.   In fairness, I’m all talk… I wouldn’t want the job for fat free chocolate cake… ok, well maybe for that ;o)


As a special treat on Sunday, I made Rachel Allen’s Chocolate Lava Cakes.  These are a-maz-ing little creations… gorgeous chocolate sponge on the outside and gooey chocolate sauce in the inside.  These little creatures are pure magic – Rachel Allen, for these alone, you are my hero!

This week also saw Little Green Tree creating a number of bits and pieces, including some special cards which I will reveal once they have been safely delivered to their recipients.  I love creating something totally unique for customers and it’s always a joy to hand something over to my customers!

Before they were cooked... the eating after happened too quick for pictures!
Before they were cooked… the eating after happened too quick for pictures!


This week I spent a lot of time wearing grubby clothes whilst trying to give my garden the once-over after the ravages (cover word for neglect) it has endured.  At risk of being carted away in a straight jacket ( my husband having called for the reinforcements), I actually did a bit in the back garden this evening, after dark in the glow of the sensor lights ( a sport in itself). I reckon I’ll probably realise in the morning just how bad an idea this was but, for now, I’m happily deluded that the Chelsea Flower Show will want to move my garden as a new exhibit… not so much rose-tinted glasses as total delusion!!

I did however manage to smarten up a couple of times and I was able to wear a gorgeous new scarf a lovely friend gave me for my birthday… lovely gifts are sure to make a body smile, aren’t they?

And Lastly

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, having decided a few weeks ago to do some preparation and activities for Easter with the girls, based on a similar format to our Advent activities, So, all being well, I’ll be posting throughout next week as we share our experiences with the Easter Eggs… check in next week to find out more.


Night x


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